Sunken Temple, New 20-Player Raid, Further Details Released for Phase 3 Season of Discovery

sunken temple, new 20 player raid, details released for phase 3 season of discovery

Previously we reported that Sunken Temple was going to be the raid for Phase 3, and that it was going to be bumped up to a 20-player raid. There’s now a lot more details including some boss previews, gear drops, tier token news, lockout changes, and some fun little quirky stuff. For the boss previews, there were also some interesting tidbits said that could allude to some spicy changes in how you engage with the new raid that’s talked about further below!

First, the concrete details we now know regarding the Sunken Temple raid in Phase 3:

  • 20-player raid size.
  • 8 bosses total, with at least one confirmed brand new.
  • Hundreds of new items, including new sets as well.
    • There will also be new epics, and revamped epics that were previous drops.
  • Dungeon quests will be upleveled appropriately, and have their rewards upscaled to be more attractive for lv 50 players.
  • Tier tokens will now have two versions where each covers different classes. Multiple will drop per boss that has set tokens in their loot table.
    • One token is: Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman. The other presumably covers: Priest, Druid, Warlock, Mage.
  • Fun items similar to toys available in the trinket slot.

There were 4 of the 8 bosses in the raid showcased in this preview.


Atal’alrion is the first boss you’ll see in the raid. It’ll likely be an easy introduction, although fall damage was mentioned so make sure you watch your step!

sunken temple, new 20 player raid, details released for phase 3 season of discovery

Festering Rot Slime

The second boss mentioned in the video is a new one, Festering Rot Slime. It was mentioned that it would patrol the outer ring within the raid. So you better keep track of them and have your pulls planned out, or you might get ganked and dissolved!

festering rot slime sunken temple p3 sod
New boss – Festering Rot Slime

Jammal’an the Prophet & Ogom the Wretched

The next previewed isn’t a new fight, but there were some interesting potential hints about their mechanics. Jammal’an the Prophet & Ogom the Wretched make their return. A direct quote reads, “[Jammal’an & Ogom] have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep the fight interesting each time you encounter them.” This leads me to speculate that there could potentially be a rotating weekly mechanic change, making it so that the fight plays out somewhat differently from week to week!

jammalan ogom sunken temple p3 sod
Jammal’an the Prophet & Ogom the Wretched


The last boss talked about is Eranikus, from the green dragonflight. This boss was always a bit of a menace, but another hint was dropped that this fight might not be so typical, and might have more to it than appears on the surface! Clay Stone, Associate Production Director, says, “For those that make it to his lair, we can’t recommend waking this big beast up. But if you do, and are able to prevail, a lot of sweet loot will no doubt await you.” While not confirmed, this leads me to believe in the potential for a “hard-mode” for this boss – similar to what Obsidian Sanctum or Ulduar offered in WoTLK. I would imagine a “hard-mode” would also offer the benefit of a superior loot table!

eranikus sunken temple p3 sod

Towards the end of the video there was also some information about how raid lockouts are going to work moving forward from this point on. It appears that lv 50 or higher raid lockouts will move to a standard weekly reset in the hopes that this will make scheduling easier. The team seems to expect even earlier raids to still be somewhat relevant once you hit 60, and with a wider variety of activities available this should make things a bit easier to schedule for a raid group. An exception is going to be Upper Blackrock Spire, which will be considered a 10-player dungeon and thus have no lockout.

For more information about phase 3, tune into the full video Blizzard released below!

Clay Stone – (Source)

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