season of mastery realms will not have same faction bgs or restrictions on premades
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: November 10, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

After questions on the official forums, Kaivax from the Community Management Team posted clarifications that same faction battlegrounds will not be available.

Additionally he goes on to clarify that they are not currently looking at any restrictions on premade groups for battlegrounds.

Kaivax – (Source)

No, we aren’t planning for same-faction BGs in Season of Mastery.

We also aren’t looking at restrictions on premades. Players who are serious about ranking will do so in premades, just like original World of Warcraft.

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15 days ago

A players who are looking to break brackets will do it solo, because ranking in premades is for [removed] like Kaivax

Mod Note: Removed offensive language.

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