• Author: OrinDac
  • Date: September 28, 2019
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

In a post earlier this week, a developer named Pazorax posted and update on the issue with Hunters not being able to properly deploy their traps after casting Feign Death.  Apparently the issue was occurring because the player was being detected as leaving combat too early!

Pazorax explained in detail how the bug has to do with the sequence of actions and the player actually leaving combat showing up too early in the sequence.  They went on to explain that the development team has recently deployed a fix that placed Leave Combat correctly in the sequence and hope that this fixes the issue.

Pazorax also mentioned that the development team is still investigating the other mentioned issues,but that this issue, which is thought to be the largest one, is solved.  and that players should see a significant improvement.

– (Source)

I wanted to give a progress update, since I know this is a particularly frustrating issue. We think we found the major source of the issue and it should be fixed following this week’s restarts (already live in North America). The cause was pretty ironic; the reason you can’t drop a trap after casting Feign Death is because you’re actually leaving combat TOO EARLY. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, so let me explain.

When you cast Feign Death, there are two parts to the effect:

  1. Leave-Combat (on yourself)
  2. Drop-Target (on opponents that are targeting you)

The Leave-Combat part was happening instantly, while the Drop-Target part was going through the normal message queue. When the queue processes events, one of those events could be an attack from an enemy, which puts you right back into combat, before the Drop-Target part removes you from their threat list.

So the bugged sequence of events was:

  1. Enemy queues an attack against you
  2. Cast Feign Death
  3. Leave-Combat
  4. Get hit by enemy (their attack was in the queue)
  5. Re-enter combat
  6. Drop-Target
  7. You remain stuck in combat for up to 5 seconds

We’ve just deployed a fix which puts “Leave-Combat” in the queue where it belongs, and where it was in the 1.12 code, which makes the sequence:

  1. Enemy queues an attack against you
  2. Cast Feign Death
  3. Get hit by enemy (their attack was in the queue)
  4. Leave-Combat
  5. Drop-Target
  6. Enemy is no longer targeting you, and you’re out-of-combat.

The previously mentioned turning fix still isn’t live yet, because it’s actually a more complicated change, and we’re also still investigating to see if there are any other issues at play, but we think this was the biggest problem, so it should be significantly improved at this point. Let us know if this change helped at all, and we’ll keep checking to make sure there aren’t any other edge cases we missed.

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