The full list of twitch emoticons is available within the addon file in a text file named “allemotes.txt”

  1. Delete Retail you won’t ever play it again
  2. Download TwitchEmotes
  3. Enjoy spamming streamers when they’re trying to level.

Adds: Many WoW streamer emotes included in twemo + BetterTwitchTV emotes PLUS

KappaPride KappaRoss valFrog SeemsGood Stormtrooper SeemsGood FeelsBirthdayMan MingLee gachiGASM

  • bobross (30 emotes)
  • nl_kripp (6 emotes)
  • reynad27 (10 emotes)
  • swifty (4 emotes)
  • trihard (20 emotes)
  • forsenlol (5 emotes)
  • trihex (like 26 or something)

and many more. Even your favourites RareParrot valFrog and gachiGASM that may or may not be your favourites.


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