This is a slightly revamped version of DLMS for WoW Classic 1.13

DLMS is a complete and full featured loot management system. It enables you to have complete control over what you loot, either generally by Category, Value, Quality or specifically using the NEW Loot White & Black lists.

You can loot everything or nothing. If all you want to loot is Cloth, you can do that. Want to loot cloth and any Rares (blue items) that drop, you can do that too. DLMS is a very powerful looting tool.

Once installed and run for the first time, it will set itself up to loot everything to give it a chance to build it’s category database (which it bases its category options from) so, it might be a little spammy at first but, the database will build very quickly and eventually, all you will see is the occasional message when it finds something new.

DLMS will also auto-sell any grey (or BoE Uncommon weapons and armor) items with value upon visiting a vendor and if that vendor can repair, will also auto-repair your gear. There are options to turn these off.

DLMS can also be asked to auto-roll on green or blue items while grouped or auto-pass on all loot rolls.

Options Include:

  • Loot All and GO! – Tells DLMS to loot everything.
  • Enable DLMS – Enables the addon.
  • (NEW)Enable DLMS Button – enables the new UI element.
  • Use WoW Messages – Use WoW’s standard chat messages when looting instead of DLMS messages.
  • (NEW) Show “Not Looted” Mesages – Tells you if an item wasn’t looted.
  • Keep Loot Window Open – Keeps the loot window from auto-closing when DLMS has finished looting.
  • (UPDATED) Auto Sell Junk – Auto Sell grey items with value from your bags. Includes Soulbound. (NEW) Auto selling is now throttled.
  • Auto Repair – Auto Repair your gear while at a vendor that can repair.
  • Auto Roll Greed on Uncommon – will auto roll greed on green items while grouped.
    • Auto Roll on Rare – When checked, will also auto roll greed on blue items while grouped.
    • Auto Pass – Will pass on all loot rolls.
  • Loot by Value – Loot items of a certain value.
  • Loot by Quality – Loot items of a certain quality.
  • Loot by Category – Only loot items from a certain category such as Trade Goods – Cloth, etc.
  • (NEW) Enforce Category Policy – Will tell DLMS to strictly adhere to category selections. (I have had no issues with this, but it does need more testing)

DLMS’s soul purpose is to help you manage your inventory and making the act of looting more efficient by allowing you to loot only what you want to loot without having to stop and “clean out your bags” as frequently.

(NEW) UI element. I may have gotten a little carried away with it but, I think it looks good and is fairly imformative. There is an option to disable it if you don’t like/use it.

(New) Category options update on the fly without having to reload the UI.

(New) Loot White & Black lists. Accessible using /dlms w_list or /dlms b_list. Giving you complete control over what you want and don’t want to loot.

(New) Autosell Safe & Ignore lists. Accessible using /dlms as_safe or /dlms as_ignore. Giving you complete control over what you want and don’t want to sell.

Command line usage: /dlms [w_list | b_list | as_safe | as_ignore] [add | remove] [itemlink]

e.g. /dlms w_list add [itemlink]

You can add as many links as will fit in the chat edit box which i believe is about 3.

You can also add and remove these items in inventory by using L-ALT+R/LClick and R-ALT+R/LClick

L-ALT+R-Click – Add/Remove the item from your Loot Black List
L-ALT+L-Click – Add/Remove the item from your Loot White List
R-ALT+R-Click – Add/Remove the item from your Autosell Ignore List.
R-ALT+L-Click – Add/Remove the item from your Autosell Safe List.

DLMS will also tell you what it will do with the item in the items tooltip. (e.g. will always sell this item, will never sell this item, etc..)

All I can say is that, DLMS has become a mainstay in my addon arsenal and I can not play with out it. Give it a try, play with the options and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.


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