Nexushub · Wow Classic Auction House Database

We’re very happy to announce the launch of a live and historical auction house database for World of Warcraft Classic! With NexusHub you can look up and monitor item prices regardless of realm or faction, completely free.

Current features include detailed item price statistics, looking up the most profitable deals to be made on your realm, as well as the most profitable crafting recipes and material information.

Nexushub · Wow Classic Auction Prices

There’s also a fully open and free API for developers to use in their apps and services. NexusHub was developed in collaboration with the TradeSkillMaster team and we’ll continue working with them to integrate related features on to the site, for example a notification on the website when an item hits your TSM sniper price, without having to be ingame in front of the auction house.

You can access the site on desktop and mobile via or If you have any feedback, questions or requests, feel free to join our discord server!

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