WoW Classic Rogue Poisons Guide

WoW Classic Poisons Guide

In WoW Classic, poisons are an essential aspect of gameplay for the rogue class. Poisons do have a skill level similar to professions, but it is not a traditional profession and is only available to rogues. In this guide, we’ll explain what poisons do and why they are critical to helping rogues reach their full potential!

Poisons are the most unique profession in the game due to their limited availability, purpose, and ease of leveling. Poisons themselves are a consumable that is applied directly to a main and off hand weapon. Doing this provides the rogue with added damage or additional utility.

WoW Classic Rogue

Calling poisons a profession is almost bizarre. The sole purpose of poisons as a profession is to create consumable poisons. The skill does have levels up to 300, but your skill cap is equal to five times your character’s level. Did I mention that every required material to create poisons can be purchased from a vendor?

Despite that, your poisons skill level does still matter. Most of the poisons you’ll use have different ranks you’ll learn to create them. Each new rank requires a higher skill level, but makes the poison more potent. This does mean that you’ll actually need to raise your poisons level, but it is quite likely it will raise naturally as you create them to use for everyday gameplay.

Just like any other profession, poisons do need to be learned by a rogue before any can be created. You’ll actually do this by completing a quest that is unlocked at level 20.

While the quest does become available at level 20, you probably won’t be strong enough to finish it by yourself. On top of the character level requirement, you’ll also need to raise your lockpicking skill to at least level 70 as well.

Once you reach level 24, you’ll unlock another quest that allows you to purchase poisons directly from a vendor. Each faction has a different quest to complete, look for either the Horde or Alliance section below.

The Alliance questline is short and easy, although you might have issues killing a level 24 elite in the second quest. You’ll visiting Duskwood and Westfall for the majority of the questline. Make sure you have at least 70 lockpicking before you start.

WoW Classic Alliance Poison Questline

  1. Go the SI:7 Headquarters in Stormwind to speak with Master Mathias Shaw.
  2. Accept the quest: Mathias and the Defias.
  3. Head to southern Westfall and speak with Agent Kearnen.
  4. Accept the quest: Klaven’s Tower.
  5. You’ll need to steal the Defias Tower Key from a Malformed Drone, a level 23 monster near the entrance.
  6. Climb the tower until you run into Klaven, a level 24 elite humanoid.
  7. If you’re level 24 or higher, you can sap Klaven and open the chest without killing him. Otherwise, kill him and loot the chest.
  8. Head back to Master Mathias Shaw in Stormwind. You’ll now have the ability to buy poisons.
  9. You can complete the next, option quest: Touch of Zanzil to cure it, or ask a priest to dispel you.

The Horde questline is much tougher and you’ll likely need help to kill a level 23 elite midway through. Most of the quest takes part in The Barrens, but you’ll also need to travel to Hillsbrad Foothills to finish up. Don’t forget to level your lockpicking up to at least 70 so you can open Gallywix’s lockbox.

WoW Classic Horde Poison Questline

  1. First you’ll want to head to Orgrimmar and speak with Shenthul. He is also the rogue class trainer.
  2. Accept the quest: The Shattered Salute.
  3. Perform the salute as indicated to complete the quest.
  4. Accept the second quest: Deep Cover.
  5. Head to the northeastern part of The Barrens to reach The Sludge Fen.
  6. Once you can see Venture Co. Tower, use your flare gun quest item twice.
  7. After firing twice, use your /salute command while targeting Taskmaster Fizzule. Make sure you followed the last two steps exactly, otherwise Fizzule will kill you.
  8. Accept the third quest: Mission: Possible But Not Probable.
  9. Proceed to kill 2 each of the following: Mutated Venture Co. Drone, Venture Co. Lookout, Venture Co. Patroller.
  10. Pickpocket Silixiz’s key from Foreman Silixiz.
  11. Next you’ll need to kill Grand Foreman Puzik Gallywix. You will likely need help as he is a level 23 elite monster! Don’t forget to loot his head.
  12. Proceed to use your lockpicking skill (level 70 lockpicking required) to open Gallywix’s lockbox to steal the Cache of Zanzil’s Altered Mixture.
  13. Head back to Shenthul in Orgrimmar to turn in the quest. You’ll received a 7-day poison debuff after turning in the quest, which can be cured through completion of the next quest.
  14. Accept the fourth quest: Hinott’s Assistance.
  15. Head to Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills to speak with Serge Hinott. You’ll have the poison removed and gain the ability to create poisons!

WoW Classic Shady DealerYour poisons profession is very simple to level up. All materials you need can be purchased from a Shady Dealer. You can also buy them from reagent vendors. Alternatively, they can be collected from junkboxes you’ll find whilst pickpocketing.

Because your poisons level cap is dictated by your character level, you’ll more than likely reach the skill cap at some point during each level. Poisons last for an hour, so you’ll need likely need hundreds as you journey to level 60.

Your skill cap is calculated by multiplying your character level by five. If you’re level 20, your cap would be 100, but that is the only time you’ll really need to grind out any skill levels. Leveling your poisons is as simple as opening your poisons profession skill, seeing what materials you need, and purchasing them directly from a Shady Vendor.

Because you can easily make or buy poisons, you might wonder if there is a point to raising your poisons level. The answer is yes, because higher skill levels are required to level higher ranks of each poison.

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You don’t need to kill anyone on the alliance quests. You’ve got pick pocket and sap. Use pick pocket to get the key and sap the elite at the top of the tower before opening his lockbox.


Does poisen benefids from items with +Nature spell DMG?




Based on my own testing the Fang set from WC did not increase the damage of my Instant Poison at all.


This guide is leaving out 2 very important facts about the Horde poison quest: 1 – The Mutated Venture Co Drones die in 1 hit if you use Garrote on them from stealth. HOWEVER, this does not count towards the quest’s kill count. Whether this is due to a bug, I do not know, but the instant Garrote kill is intended. 2 – The elite can be solo’d with moderate gear at level 22 and with evasion up, maybe a potion for an “oh sh*t” button. Gouge/bandage as needed, but the main thing to know is that the elite at… Read more »


I tried this morning and happen to encounter another rogue, so we joined up. Sadly only one key & head can be looted so be warned quest will not work with two rouges trying to complete the task at once. Not sure if I can go back now or will have to abandon quest and restart, but be warned I got CLASSIC’D

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