tbc classic horde leveling guide nagrand [level 65 67]
  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Updated: November 18, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Finally, a bright, sunlit map! As soon as you enter Nagrand, you’ll want to start killing Dust Howlers until one of them drops Howling Wind (don’t ask me how that works). Right-click it to begin The Howling Wind. You should also kill Wild Elekk to collect 3 Pairs of Ivory Tusks for an upcoming quest. Make sure you don’t sell them when getting rid of junk in your bags!

Part 1

nagrand part 1
  1. Continue on the road northwest, taking a right at the first fork to continue north, then take a left at the next fork to head west on the road. You should soon find Wazat (61.7, 67) on the left side of the road, talk to him to accept quest 20x I Must Have Them! From now on, make sure you’re grabbing Air Elemental Gas from any air elementals you kill.
  2. Head northeast to meet up with the north-south road again, and continue north to the fork. Take a right at the next fork to reach the Nesingwary Safari (71, 40):
    1. Speak with Hemet Nesingwary (71.5, 40.8) to accept quest 20x Clefthoof Mastery.
    2. Talk to Shado “Fitz” Farstrider (71.6, 40.5) to accept quest 20x  Windroc Mastery.
    3. Last, speak with Harold Lane (71.4, 40.6) to accept quest 20x  Talbuk Mastery.
  3. You can start hunting for your mastery quests, and kill Dust Howlers as well. You should be able to find all 4 mobs around and west of the Safari. NOTE: You might see Kristen DeMeza near the safari, who you can rescue to accept quest 20x (and immediately turn in quest turn in x20 at the Safari) I’m Saved! Eventually, one of the Dust Howlers will drop a Howling Wind; right-click it to accept quest 20x The Howling Wind. You can slowly make your way west as you work on these quests, and you don’t need to complete any before continuing, just move on once you have quest 20xThe Howling Wind.
  4. Take the road west to Garadar:
    1. Cross the bridge and go up the hill, then get the new flight path on your left as you enter the town.
    2. In the inn behind the flight master, see Matron Drakia to accept quest 20x Missing Mag’hari Procession.
    3. Nearby, make the inn your new home.
    4. Head southwest from the inn to find Jorin Deadeye and accept quest 20x The Impotent Leader.
    5. Use your reading skills on the Garadar Bulletin Board to accept quest 20x Wanted: Giselda the Crone and quest 20xWanted: Zorbo the Advisor. Giselda, in addition to being wanted for murder and ritual sacrifice — which are distinct — is also wanted for burglary, go figure.
    6. Hammering on the signpost is Warden Bullrok, speak with him to accept quest 20x Proving your Strength.
    7. Speak with Elementalist Yal’hah who wanders around the bonfire to accept quest 20x The Throne of the Elements.
    8. Now go further southwest to talk to Farseer Kurkush and accept quest 20x Vile Idolatry.
    9. Nearby, see Farseer Corhuk to accept quest 20x The Missing War Party. Save them kids!
    10. Last, speak to Farseer Margadesh to accept quest 20x Murkblood Leaders…
  5. Now head northeast past the inn and swim across the lake (or follow the coast north and then east) to reach the Throne of the Elements (60, 23). If you want, you can go to the area west of the Nesingwary Safari before you swim to the Throne, and kill some of the mobs for the mastery quests. Either way, once you’re at the Throne of the Elements:
    1. Speak to Elementalist Sharvak to turn in quest turn in x20 The Throne of the Elements.
    2. See Elementalist Morgh to turn in quest turn in x20 The Howling Wind, accept quest 20x Murkblood Corrupters.
    3. Talk to Elementalist Lo’ap (60.8, 22.4) to accept quest 20x A Rare Bean. (You can read about the real-life inspiration for the quest item here!) Also accept quest 20x Muck Diving.
    4. Find Elementalist Untrag to accept quest 20x The Underneath.
    5. Now go talk to Gordawg to turn in quest turn in x20 The Underneath, accept quest 20x The Tortured Earth.
  6. Swim south from the throne to return to the Nesingwary Safari. We aren’t going to talk to NPCs yet, just kill stuff around the camp to complete quest 20xClefthoof Master, quest 20xWindroc Mastery, and quest 20xTalbuk Mastery. You might need to head further west or southwest if you clear out the area around the camp. Also kill any air elemental you see until you’ve collected 3 Air Elemental Gas, and kill Tortured Earth Spirits until you’ve finished quest 20xThe Tortured Earth (you can find a lot in the basin west of the Ring of Trials). You might find some Elekk to kill as well. Once you’re finished, go into the Nesingwary Safari and:
    1. Speak with Hemet Nesingwary to turn in quest turn in x20  Clefthoof Mastery and accept quest 20x the follow up  Clefthoof Mastery.
    2. Talk to Shado “Fitz” Farstrider to turn in quest turn in x20  Windroc Mastery and quest turn in x20 The Nesingwary Safari, accept the follow up quest 20x Windroc Mastery.
    3. Last, speak with Harold Lane to turn in quest turn in x20 Talbuk Mastery and accept quest 20x Talbuk Mastery, which isn’t confusing at all.
  7. Follow the road south past the Ring of Trials, then go southwest and find Wazat again. turn in quest turn in x20 I Must Have Them! and if you want, you can accept quest 20x Bring Me The Egg! If you want, you can accept the follow-up, as it’s pretty fun (but optional), and doesn’t require any additional traveling. If you choose to accept quest 20x Bring Me The Egg!, here’s some important info:
    • If you’re looking for an impressive machine, don’t. The Jump-a-tron 4000 is the bit of orange cloth behind Wazat. Right click it once you’re on it.
    • Using the Jump-a-tron 4000 gives you a 3 minute duration slow fall buff. Stand on the very edge of the jumpatron and make sure you’re facing the nest, then look straight down so you’re viewing your character from above. Use the Jump-a-Tron, then remove the buff once you’re just about to pass over the nest below. If you wait until you’re over the nest, your momentum will carry you past it, and you’ll fall and probably die.
    • There’s another technique you can use if you have an epic mount: Get the buff, then go to the hill behind the nest using your mount. Then jump into the nest! This is, frankly, harder than using the Jump-a-tron, so try it as a last resort.
    • Make sure the matriarch comes and attacks you once you’ve looted the egg, as you need to defeat her and loot her talon to complete the quest. Then you can return to Wazat and turn in quest turn in x20 Bring Me the Egg!
  8. Take the road east and then take a right to head south, next take a left to continue southeast and return to Terokkar Forest:
    1. Once you’re in Terokkar, go due south and find Kilrath (19.8, 60.9). Talk to him to turn in quest turn in x20 The Impotent Leader and accept quest 20x Don’t Kill the Fat One.
    2. You should see the Bleeding Hollow Ruins ogre camp to the south. Head there and kill 10 Boulderfist Invaders, then get Unkor low HP. He’ll become friendly, you can talk to him and turn in quest turn in x20 Don’t Kill the Fat One, accept quest 20x Success!
    3. Go back to Kilrath, turn in quest turn in x20 Success!, accept quest 20x Because Kilrath is a Coward. I’m not sure why this quest name is so unfair to Kilrath… he’s just a scout, after all.
  9. Hearthstone back to Garadar:
    1. Go southeast to the bonfire to speak with Jorin Deadeye and turn in quest turn in x20 Because Kilrath is a Coward, accept quest 20x Message in a Battle.
    2. Talk to Elkay’gan the Mystic to accept quest 20x Standards and Practices.
    3. Exit Garadar via the western gate, and just outside on your left, see the Consortium Recruiter to accept quest 20x The Consortium Needs You!
  10. Go north from the recruiter and start killing Talbuk Thorngrazers and Cletfhoof Bulls in this area. Our real goal, however, is all the poop: search Dung piles until you’ve collected the 15 Digested Caracoli you need for quest 20xA Rare Bean. If you’re RPing, you should take a dip in the lake once you’re done.
  11. Once you’ve finished collecting caracoli, head around or across the lake to the Throne of the Elements:
    1. Talk to Elementalist Lo’ap to turn in quest turn in x20 A Rare Bean, accept quest 20x Agitated Spirits of Skysong.
    2. Talk to the rock (Gordawg) to turn in quest turn in x20 The Tortured Earth, accept quest 20x Eating Damnation.
  12. Go to the lake, eat one of your Nagrand Cherries (don’t think about where it came from), and kill 12 Lake Spirits. If you’re lucky you might meet Goretooth, he’s tough but he’ll probably drop blue wrists. When finished, return to Elementalist Lo’ap to turn in quest turn in x20 Agitated Spirits of Skysong and accept quest 20x Blessing of Incineratus.
  13. Head west from the throne, and then go southwest to the area west of the lake. Stay here killing stuff until you’ve completed quest 20xTalbuk Mastery and quest 20xClefthoof Mastery. Be sure to kill any Enraged Crushers you see, and collect their Core. They hang out on hills, and also in the mountains to the north. Also keep an eye out for Murkblood Invaders, who ride elekks on the road between Zangarmarsh and Garadar. At some point while farming here, start from the western gate of Garadar and take the road west and then northwest to Zangarmarsh — you should run into these guys. Kill at least one and grab their Murkblood Invasion Plans. Right-click the plans to accept quest 20x Murkblood Invaders.
  14. Go to the area south of Garadar, and continue south and slightly west, staying on the high ground, to reach the Abandoned Armory (51, 57). Inside, find Nitrin the Learned to turn in quest turn in x20 The Master’s Grand Design? and accept quest 20x Vision of the Dead. Ominous!
  15. Southwest of the armory, kill Ravenous Windrocs until you’ve completed quest 20xWindroc Mastery. Also take out the Enraged Crushers that you can find nearby.
  16. Go east to cross the bridge over the Telari Basin (55, 63). Not the bridge guarded by Alliance Telaari, mind you, but the one further north (If you haven’t completed Eating Damnation yet, take a left once you’ve crossed the bridge to enter the valley and find more Enraged Crushers). Continue southeast, then take the road east to reach the Burning Blade Ruins (71.4, 68.1):
    1. You’ll find the First Burning Blade Pyre (72.2, 69.9) right away, use your Mag’har Battle Standard while close to it.
    2. Fight your way east up the mountain (when in doubt, just take the path that leads higher) to the Second Burning Blade Pyre (74.7, 69.9), plant your standard there as well.
    3. Keep heading east up the mountain, killin’ ogres. The Third Burning Blade Pyre (75.8, 68.3) isn’t far, use the standard near it.
    4. Stay here killing ogres if you haven’t yet completed quest 20xMessage in a Battle.
  17. Fight your way out of the ruins and go due north from the exit to reach Windyreed Village (72, 50). Go into each of the four huts there, stand in the middle, and then use the Living Fire in your inventory to burn down the hut. It really feels like for a hero, you sure do a lot of setting people’s stuff on fire in Outland.
  18. Continue north to the Nesingwary Safari:
    1. Speak with Hemet Nesingwary (71.5, 40.8) to turn in quest turn in x20  Clefthoof Mastery and accept quest 20x the follow up Clefthoof Mastery (group).
    2. Talk to Shado “Fitz” Farstrider (71.6, 40.5) to turn in quest turn in x20  Windroc Mastery and accept quest 20x the follow up Windroc Mastery (group).
    3. Last, speak with Harold Lane (71.4, 40.6) to turn in quest turn in x20  Talbuk Mastery and accept quest 20x the follow up  Talbuk Mastery (group).
      • Note that these quests all require a group to complete successfully at this level. Once you find a group, you can hopefully complete all three at once. The locations given are approximate, as these beasts will wander a fair bit:
        1. Start with Gutripper at (33, 30) east of Warmaul Hill. Gutripper is too fast to kite, and is immune to roots, snares and fears.
        2. Next, south and slightly west to the Bach’lor at (26, 52), east of Forge Camp Fear. Make sure you pull him away from his herd!
        3. Then, southeast to to Banthar at (31, 62), northwest of Telaar. The name is likely a reference to the Banthas of Star Wars.
    4. Once you’ve killed all 3, go back to the safari and speak again with Hemet Nesingwary to accept quest 20x The Ultimate Bloodsport. Then, you can find and kill Tusker (45, 65) just east of where you found Banthar on a hill you can see on your map. Are you a poacher now? Next time you’re near the safari, go and turn in quest turn in x20  The Ultimate Bloodsport.
  19. Now go west, then north, all the way to the Throne of the Elements:
    1. See Elementalist Lo’ap to turn in quest turn in x20 Blessing of Incineratus, accept quest 20x The Spirit Polluted.
    2. Talk to Gordawg to turn in quest turn in x20 Eating Damnation, accept quest 20x Shattering the Veil.

Part 2

nagrand part 2 1
  1. Hearthstone or swim back to Garadar:
    1. See Elkay’gan the Mystic to turn in quest turn in x20 Standards and Practices, accept quest 20x Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates.
    2. Talk to Jorin Deadeye to turn in quest turn in x20 Message in a Battle, accept quest 20x An Audacious Advance.
    3. If you found the Murkblood Invasion Plans, you can talk to Garrosh to turn in quest turn in x20 Murkblood Invaders.
    4. If you’ve gotten 10 Obsidian Warbeads, you can speak with Warden Bullrok and turn in quest turn in x20Proving your Strength.
  2. Take the road west out of Garadar, and take a right at the fork, then take a left before the small bridge to head down into the Halaa basin. Once you’re in the basin, take a right and stick to the edge of the cliff to find Northwind Cleft (41.5, 35.5). Kill ogres and grab all the crates outside, and then enter the cave. Stay here killing ogres and collecting crates until you’ve completed quest 20xAn Audacious Advance and quest 20xBleeding Hollow Supply Crates.
  3. Leave that cave, which probably smells terrible, and start killing Muck Spawns. They are in the water all around the basin; kill until you collect 5 Muck-ridden Cores.
  4. Exit the basin via the western path and continue east to reach the Mag’hari Procession (32, 36) just north of the fork:
    1. Speak with Elder Ungriz to accept quest 20x Finding the Survivors.
    2. See Saurfang the Younger to turn in quest turn in x20 The Missing War Party, accept quest 20x Once Were Warriors.
    3. Talk to Elder Yorley to turn in quest turn in x20 Missing Mag’hari Procession, accept quest 20x War on the Warmaul.
  5. Go south, and continue south at the fork of the road to reach Sunspring Post. Kill murkbloods as you go through the camp to reach Sunspring Lake. You can use another Nagrand Cherry if you want, and then stay in the lake until you’ve killed 10 Lake Surgers as well as Watoosun’s Polluted Essence (which you can find in the middle of the lake, 33, 51) for quest 20xThe Spirit Polluted. While you’re in the lake, start asking in chat if anyone wants to group for quest 20xThe Totem of Kardash.
  6. Back on land in Sunspring Post, clear mobs to reach the main building (31, 42). Inside, find/kill Ortor of Murkblood and make sure to grab his head.
  7. Next, go south of the main building to the small ruined house (31, 44). Inside you’ll see a Mag’har Captive — kill the guards and then kill any mobs that remain around the ruined house. Get full/hp mana, then speak with captive and accept quest 20x The Totem of Kar’dash to begin the escort quest ASAP, or you might have to deal with respawning mobs during the quest. The first ambush gives you just enough time to heal/drink afterwards, but save your big cooldowns for the 2nd ambush. Focus the Murkblood Putrifiers down first during this part. This quest isn’t part of a chain we’re doing here, so if you can’t get help and can’t beat it, skip it for now.
  8. Stay in Sunspring Post killing murkbloods until you’ve finished quest 20xMurkblood Corrupters, quest 20xOnce Were Warriors, and quest 20xVile Idolatry.
  9. Go north to return to the Mag’hari Procession and speak with Saurfang the Younger to turn in quest turn in x20 Once Were Warriors, accept quest 20x He Will Walk The Earth…
  10. Now go all the way across the map northeast to reach the Throne of the Elements:
    1. See Elementalist Lo’ap to turn in quest turn in x20 The Spirit Polluted and quest turn in x20 Muck Diving.
    2. Talk to Elementalist Morgh to turn in quest turn in x20 Murkblood Corrupters.
  11. Save your hearthstone if you’re close to level 66, and head back to Garadar:
    1. Speak with Garrosh to turn in quest turn in x20 The Totem of Kar’dash.
    2. Talk to Jorin Deadeye to turn in quest turn in x20 An Audacious Advance, accept quest 20x Diplomatic Measures.
    3. See Elkay’gan the Mystic to turn in quest turn in x20 Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates.
    4. Speak to Farseer Kurkush to turn in quest turn in x20 Vile Idolatry.
    5. Talk with Farseer Corhuk to turn in quest turn in x20 He Will Walk The Earth…
    6. Find Farseer Margadesh to turn in quest turn in x20 Murkblood Leaders…
  12. Leave Garadar heading east (check to the north of the road for elekk), and follow the road southeast and then south to reach the Burning Blade Ruins once more. Kill ogres (they deserve it), but mostly make your way to Lantresor of the Blade (73.8, 62.6) at the northern end of the ruins. To reach him, you’ll need to go east up the mountain as you did for the previous quest, then take a left when you see the large stone arch with the black banners. You’ll need to pick the dialogue option, then turn in quest turn in x20 Diplomatic Measures, accept quest 20x Armaments for Deception and Ruthless Cunning.
    • Though you’ll probably want to clear the ogres for the XP and the rep with the Mag’har (plus the Obsidian Warbeads), there is another way to reach Lantresor:
  1. Leave the ruins and take the road south, then at the fork go right to reach Kil’sorrow Fortress (70, 76):
    1. Complete quest 20xWanted: Giselda the Crone by killing 15 of any kind of Kil’sorrow Agent, and killing Giselda herself — she is in the main building in the south of the fortress.
    2. You’ll need to plant Warmaul Ogre Banners on Kil’sorrow Agent corpses (use them when near a corpse).
    3. Collect 20 Kil’sorrow Armaments.
  2. Now return to Lantresor in the Burning Blade Ruins and turn in quest turn in x20 Armaments for Deception and quest turn in x20 Ruthless Cunning, accept quest 20x Body of Evidence and quest 20xReturning the Favor.
  3. Take the road north and then northwest to return to Garadar:
    1. See Waren Bullrok to turn in quest turn in x20 Wanted: Giselda the Crone.
    2. Just north of the bonfire, talk to Matron Celestine to accept quest 20x He Called Himself Altruis… (note that you’ll need to be level 66 to pick this up).
  4. Leave Garadar heading west, then go northwest to reach the Laughing Skull Ruins (50, 22):
    1. While here, you’ll need to plant a Kil’sorrow Banner on any ogre you kill until you’ve done so 20 times.
    2. If you turn right at the entrance, you’ll see the Blazing Warmaul Pyre (46.6, 24.4). Use the Damp Woolen Blanket on it. This will spawn two ogre buddies, protect them until they’re finished with their biz. Note that you can reuse the Damp Blanket to summon them again, and then kite mobs into the ogres that spawn; useful to farm this area.
    3. Now kill ogres as you go north to the cave at (46, 19) up in the mountains (not to be confused with the small cave near the pyre). Find Zorbo the Advisor there, and end him. Stay here in the ruins until you’ve killed the other mobs you need for quest 20xWanted: Zorbo the Advisor.
    4. Now is also a good time to try to get a group for the Ring of Blood (see Nagrand extra XP section below), and/or look for a group for the final mastery quests you got from the Nesingwary Safari NPCs. If you really want to do either of these activities, you can stay here grinding on ogres as they give decent rep and loot. Aldor players should instead go grind at Kil’sorrow Fortress.
  5. Go west from the ruins and at around (37, 19) start killing Greater Windrocs until one drops a Flawless Greater Windroc Beak, and also kill Aged Clefthoofs until you get Aged Clefthoof Blubber. If you’ve cleared this area with no luck, make your way further west to (33, 22) and try again. Keep going even if you don’t get either item here.
  6. At this point you’ll be just east of Warmaul Hill. Go south hugging the mountain on your right, continue to look for the drops from step 17 if you need them. Find the path to your right (29.5, 32) to enter Warmaul Hill:
    1. Look for a Mountain Gronn, kill it, and take it’s eyeball. If you aren’t comfortable soloing one, head up the path and try to find a gronn that’s fighting ogres. It should win, and will be low HP and ready for death.
    2. Continue up the path and kill ogres, who will drop Warmaul Prison Keys. Kill ogres and free Mag’har prisoners until you complete quest 20xFinding the Survivors and quest 20xWar on the Warmaul. Make sure you only open cages that have prisoners inside! Also make sure you have 10 Obsidian Warbeads before you leave. Note that there are multiple plateaus, so you’ll need to keep heading up the mountain after you clear the first one.
  7. Leave the hill, and continue looking for Greater Windrocs and Aged Clefthoofs if you haven’t gotten their drops for quest 20xVision of the Dead as you head south to the Mag’hari Procession.
    1. Speak with Elder Ungriz to turn in quest turn in x20 Finding the Survivors.
    2. Talk to Elder Yorley to turn in quest turn in x20 War on the Warmaul, accept quest 20x Cho’war the Pillager.
  8. Take the road southwest and find Altruis the Sufferer (27.4, 43) on your right just before the bridge. Talk to him to turn in quest turn in x20 He Called Himself Altruis… and accept quest 20x Survey the Land. After your little survey ride, exhaust your dialogue options with Altruis and then turn in quest turn in x20 Survey the Land. The rest of this chain is soloable, but it can be really hard for most classes, most of the time. If you’re questing in a group, go for it if you want, but we’re skipping it in this guide.
  9. Wave goodbye to Altruis (he won’t notice) and take the road south to Aeris Landing:
    1. Talk to Zerid and accept quest 20x  Matters of Security and quest 20x Gava’xi.
    2. Talk to Shadrek to accept quest 20x  A Head Full of Ivory. If you don’t have the 3 Pairs of Ivory Tusks you need, just get them when you can, we’ll come back here in a few steps. If you do have them, turn in quest turn in x20 the quest! Note that it is repeatable, so hopefully you can turn it in a few times.
    3. Talk with Gezhe to turn in quest turn in x20  The Consortium Needs You! and accept quest 20x Stealing from Thieves. Note that this quest will also only be available if you’re still neutral with the Consortium.
  10. Head south and slightly east towards the big mountain Oshu’Gun (pronounced aw-SHOO-goon, in case you want to impress or annoy your friends). We’re going to make a loop around the mountain, and while doing so complete the following:
    1. Start looking for a group to kill Banthar (roams near 37, 59) for quest 20xClefthoof Mastery, if you haven’t done it. You can try to solo him if you want, I believe in you.
    2. Find 10 Oshu’gun Crystal Fragments for quest 20xStealing from Thieves. They can be found at the base of the mountain as well as the smaller crystal formations that surround it. You should be able to find some near Gava’xi’s spawn point as well.
    3. Slay Gava’xi, he spawns on a hill at (43, 74) but will wander around the area after he spawns.
    4. Look for Wild Elekk, and kill them until you’ve collected 3 Pair of Ivory Tusks for quest 20xA Head Full of Ivory (f you did this once, you can do it again, but it only gets you Consortium rep).
    5. Find (and kill) 12 Voidspawn for quest 20xMatters of Security.
    6. Find Shattered Rumblers — they spawn all around the southern edge of the map, and west of the mountain in the hills. You might want to put Gordawg’s Boulder in action bar for this bit. Once near a rumbler (but not too near), throw Gordawg’s Boulder at it, and they will break into Minions of Gurok. You can stay back and pull them one at a time if you do this right. Kill 30 of the little minions for quest 20xShattering the Veil.
    7. If you haven’t yet gotten the Aged Clefthoof Blubber for quest 20xVision of the Dead, kill Aged Clefthoofs in this area until you get that dang thang! They roam around the southern and western sides of Oshu’gun.
    8. If you never grabbed the Murkblood Invasion Plans and accepted quest 20x Murkblood Invaders, there’s another group of mounted Murkbloods that ride the road past Aeries Landing, so keep an eye out for them.
  11. Once you’ve completed your loop and finished all the tasks above, go northeast to reach the Abandoned Armory (51.7, 56.9). Speak with Nitrin the Learned to turn in quest turn in x20 Vision of the Dead. You can also accept quest 20x Levixus the Soul Caller if you want, he hangs out at Auchindoun and you’ll need to either get a group or cheese him into NPCs to defeat him.
  12. Head east and cross the bridge over the basin, then go east to the Burning Blade Ruins and once again find Lantresor in the northernmost section. Speak with him to turn in quest turn in x20 Body of Evidence and quest turn in x20 Returning the Favor, accept quest 20x Message to Garadar. It will forever be a mystery why Lantresor was OK with you slaughtering his people every time you came to see him.
  13. If you’ve completed the final mastery quests for the Nesingwary Safari, you can go north and turn those in now and accept quest 20x The Ultimate Bloodsport. The rewards for the quest chain might easily replace your current equipment, so check out the rewards and consider finishing this chain if you weren’t planning on it. See Part 1 Step 18.3 for detailed instructions.
  14. Go west and then north to the Throne of the Elements and speak with Gordawg to turn in quest turn in x20 Shattering the Veil and accept quest 20x Gurok the Usurper.
  15. Go southwest to Garadar:
    1. Speak with Garrosh to turn in quest turn in x20 Message to Garadar and quest turn in x20 Murkblood Invaders.
    2. See Warden Bullrok to turn in quest turn in x20 Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor and quest turn in x20 More Warbeads! if you’ve got any more Obsidian Warbeads, then accept quest 20x Wanted: Durn the Hungerer.
  16. Now you’ve got quite a few quests that you’ll need a group for, or at least one or two extra people. They are all in the southwest of Nagrand, so start heading towards Aeris Landing, which is south on the road from Sunspring Post. and look for a group in chat for any/all of these quests:
    1. quest 20xGurok the Usurper: Gurok the Usurper is on Warmaul Hill (31, 32), which lies north of Sunspring Post in the mountains to the west. Take the path up and take your first right to go on the path that leads northwest and further uphill. Kill ogres along the way as you’ll need 7 Warmaul Skulls to summon Gurok. You’ll reach a flat spot with two cave entrances. Go up the path to the left of the southern cave, stand in the middle of the summoning circle, then right click the Warmaul Skulls you collected. Gurok has a knockback so stand with your back to the mountain. Some classes could solo him, but you don’t want to waste time hiking up there to find out you can’t. Group of 3 recommended. Don’t forget to loot Gurok’s Earthen Head before you leave!
    2. quest 20xCho’war the Pillager: Cho’war is up on Warmual Hill as well. Take the path up and take your first right to go on the path that leads northwest and further uphill. You’ll reach a plateau, enter the northern cave (27, 18) and kill Cho’war, who is at the end of it. Don’t worry when you exit the cave the first time, keep following the path and you’ll enter it again. Cho’war can be duoed, but bring a 3rd if you can just to be safe. Grab the Head of Cho’war before you leave!
    3. quest 20xWanted: Durn the Hungerer: Durn does a clockwise circle around Oshu’gun, **we should put a map of the route here, here’s a link to the route **. Try catching him when he’s on the northern part of his route, so that if you die you’re close to the graveyard. As with Tusker, you can kite him to Aeris Landing, but Durn is freakin’ fast, and unless you can get him to hit the Consortium NPCs with AoE they won’t help you. Group of 3 recommended.
    4. quest 20xThe Ultimate Bloodsport: Tusker (44.2, 65.2) is on the hill visible on your map east and slightly north of Oshu’gun mountain. You’ll probably want help with this one, can be done with a duo if you both play well, though one will need to be a healer or a hunter. Can be soloed, especially if you pull Tusker into Aeris Landing. Take the Heart of Tusker back to Nesingwary.
  17. In Aeris Landing (31, 58):
    1. Talk to Zerid to turn in quest turn in x20 Matters of Security and quest turn in x20 Gava’xi.
    2. Speak with Gezhe to turn in quest turn in x20 Stealing from Thieves.

That concludes our time in Nagrand! Feel free to stay here and do the Ring of Blood, or finish up/turn in any quests you missed/skipped. When you’re ready to move on, return to Garadar, then catch a flight to Zabra’jin in Zangarmarsh.

Extra XP In Nagrand

Grinding Mobs


A decent place to grind mobs for xp in Nagrand is the area where you picked up the crystals around Oshu’gun. The voidspawns die easily, and the Vir’aani Raiders and Arcanists give decent XP and aren’t too tough either. If you find you aren’t as leveled as you like, the best time to do this would naturally be when you’re doing the other quests around Mt. Osho’gun.

Another option is Kil’Sorrow Fortress. [WIP]

Ring of Blood

There aren’t dungeon instances in Nagrand, but instead a fighting pit where you complete a series of quests against progressively tougher opponents. The Ring of Blood can be found in the far north of Nagrand, inside the Laughing Skull Ruins. You need to find and speak with Gurgthock (42.8, 20.6). Some notes:

  • Only one group can fight in the ring at a time, so be prepared to wait and then have to scramble desperately to be the first ones to start the next fight.
  • You run this like a dungeon, and will need Tank, DPS, and Healing to get through the questline. Suggested level 66+, and a party of at least 4. It’s possible with less if you have the right class combo, but not recommended.
  • Whoever accepts the quest from Gurgthock will have the initial aggro from your foe, so make sure the tank is the one to accept the quest.
  • If you die, don’t let go until you get quest credit for a kill! If anyone in your party leaves the ring, you fail the quest.
  • All party members must have turned in the previous quest before you can take the next one.
  • Don’t forget to turn in the quest before you log off or die somewhere.


  1. quest 20x The Ring of Blood: Brokentoe
  2. quest 20x The Ring of Blood: The Blue Brothers
  3. quest 20x The Ring of Blood: Rokdar the Sundered Lord
  4. quest 20x The Ring of Blood: Skra’gath
  5. quest 20x The Ring of Blood: The Warmaul Champion
  6. quest 20x The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge


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