tbc classic horde leveling guide zangarmarsh [level 61 63]
  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Updated: November 18, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Finally, some plants! Zangarmarsh has a few interesting quirks that will be helpful to know about. First, most creatures here will drop Unidentified Plant Parts; you’ll want to hang on to these for a quest, so don’t sell them. Less frequently you’ll loot Fertile Spores, which drop from the bats, Fen Striders, and Marsh Walkers. These you should kill on site until you have 6 spores — and don’t sell them!. Also keep an eye out for Sporebats; if you kill them while you’re in melee range, you’ll receive a 5 minute buff from Energizing Spores that gives +30 to all stats, which makes questing a whole lot easier. They mostly hang out in the middle of the map, below Serpent Lake. Look for Glowcap Mushrooms as well since you’ll need 10 for a quest plus more for anything you want to buy from the Sporeggar vendors — you’ll find them in the western part of Zangarmarsh.

Note that if you started the guide at 58, you may not be level 62 in time for some of these quests. We recommend doing the instances in the previous section and completing the optional PvP quest to help you get to 62 faster.

Part 1

zangarmarsh map part 1
  1. If you haven’t yet, fly to Swamprat Post:
    1. Talk to Magasha (84.4, 54.3) to accept quest 20x No More Mushrooms! and quest 20xThere’s No Explanation for Fashion.
    2. Speak with Reavij to accept quest 20x Menacing Marshfangs.
    3. Talk to Zurai to accept quest 20x News from Zangarmarsh and quest 20xThick Hydra Scales, and accept quest 20x Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai if you’re already level 62.
  2. Go west and then south on the road to reach the Cenarion Refuge, and make the inn there your home.
  3. Now go west to Umbrafen Lake, and continue counter-clockwise around the lake, killing Mire Hydras, any nagas, and Umbrafen Eels as you go, to collect Thick Hydra Scales, Naga Claws, and Unidentified Plant Parts. Also kill any Umbraglow Stingers you see for their Diaphanous Wings.
  4. Find the steam pump (71, 79) and get close enough to get an update for Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake.
  5. Now drink your Potion of Water Breathing and dive into the lake. Kill Umbrafen Eels until you have 8 Eel Filets and 10 (or almost 10) Unidentified Plant Parts from the creatures in from the lake. If you get all the Filets you need, you can kill mobs as you go to collect plant parts; just have 10 before step 8.
  6. Exit the lake heading east (start going east from where it says Umbrafen Lake on the map), and find Boglash, who is an elite Fen Strider that roams around (82, 75) on the eastern edge of the map. You should be able to solo him, but he’s no pushover; having the Sporebats buff will help if you can get it. NOTE: If you want to get fancy, find Boglash but don’t kill him, then pull him to Kayra Longmane during step 7.4; she’ll heal you and can make this fight much easier.
  7. Now go south from Boglash to Umbrafen Village (83, 79):
    1. Kill everything in the first village area, then do the same in the next village to the south.
    2. Now continue southeast to the large village. Clear it out and go into the main building (85, 90) and kill Kataru on the top floor.
    3. If you haven’t completed the objectives of quest 20xThe Umbrafen Tribe, keep moving between the villages killing stuff until you do so (or until you’re almost done).
    4. Find Kayra Longmane (83.4, 85.5) in a hut in the central village. Talk to her to accept quest 20x Escape from Umbrafen, and escort her back to the Cenarion Refuge.
  8. At the Cenarion Refuge:
    1. Speak to Ikeyen to turn in quest turn in x20 The Umbrafen Tribe, accept quest 20x A Damp, Dark Place.
    2. Talk to Lauranna Thar’well to turn in quest turn in x20 Plants of Zangarmarsh and accept quest 20x Saving the Sporeloks. Now, every time you collect at least 10 Unidentified Plant Parts, you can return to Lauranna to turn in quest turn in x20 Identify Plant Parts, which is repeatable. Open your Package of Identified Plants you just got and if you’re lucky, it will contain an Uncatalogued Species, which you can right-click to accept quest 20x Uncatalogued Species (but don’t’ turn it in until you’re Honored with Cenarion Expedition. If you didn’t get one, just check again every time you turn in quest turn in x20 Identify Plant Parts.
    3. Turn around and find Windcaller Blackhoof to accept quest 20x Safeguarding the Watchers.
    4. Enter the inn and speak with Lethyn Moonfire to turn in quest turn in x20 The Dying Balance.
    5. Talk to Ysiel Windsinger on the back porch to turn in quest turn in x20 Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake and quest turn in x20Escape from Umbrafen, accept quest 20x As the Crow Flies.
    6. While near Ysiel, right-click the Stormcrow Amulet she gave you. You can go to the bathroom or get a snack now if you want, you don’t have to do anything during the flight. Once it’s done, speak with Ysiel again to turn in quest turn in x20 As the Crow Flies and accept quest 20x Balance Must be Preserved.
    7. If you didn’t grab quest 20xReport to Shadow Hunter Denjai from Swamprat Post yet, go do that before step 9 — you should be level 62 by now. If you aren’t level 62, go do an instance in Hellfire Peninsula or grind some mobs you need nearby (you should have a few quests that require mob killing).
  9. Head north from Cenarion Refuge, and then take your first left to go west on the road. You’ll pass Telredor at a fork; go north and then west again — stay west until you reach the final fork, then take a right to head north and reach Zabra’jin (33, 50):
    1. Find Zurjaya by the fire in the middle of town to accept quest 20x Angling to Beat the Competition.
    2. At the Wanted Poster (32, 49.3), accept quest 20x Wanted: Boss Grog’ak and quest 20xWanted: Chieftain Mummaki.
    3. Speak with to Gambarinka just past the poster to accept quest 20x Stinging the Stingers.
    4. Witch Doctor Tor’gash hangs out up some nearby stairs with his murloc buddies. Talk to him to accept quest 20x Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon! From now on, collect any Burstcap Mushroom  you find until you collect 6.
    5. In the southern part of the village, find to Seer Janidi (32.4, 52) to accept quest 20x Spirits of the Feralfen.
    6. Get the new flight path.
    7. Go to the western part of town to find Shadow Hunter Denjai on the 2nd floor of the inn, turn in quest turn in x20 Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai.
  10. Leave Zabra’jin heading north on the road to find the Hewn Bog. Kill ogres as you continue north to Boss Grog’ak (34.8, 34.8). Clear an area that you can stand in front of, so his knockback doesn’t send you flying into mobs. Loot his head once he’s dead.
  11. Return to Zabra’jin and speak with Shadow Hunter Denjai to turn in quest turn in x20 Wanted: Boss Grog’ak, accept quest 20x Impending Attack.
  12. Now leave town heading west, and follow the edge of Marshlight Lake northwest and then north, killing Marshlight Bleeders as you go, making sure to collect any Diaphanous Wings  that drop if you haven’t finished quest 20xThere’s No Explanation for Fashion . You should also start seeing Burstcap Mushrooms, grab these until you have 6.
  13. Continue north at the top edge of the lake to reach the Ango’rosh Grounds. Enter the tower via the ramp at (19.5, 27) and grab the Ango’rosh Attack Plans from the top of the tower.
  14. Return the way you came, again killing Marshlight Bleeders until you’ve completed quest 20xStinging the Stingers and quest 20xThere’s No Explanation for Fashion. Return to Zabra’jin once both quests are completed.
  15. In Zabra’jin:
    1. Speak with to Gambarinka to turn in quest turn in x20 Stinging the Stingers, accept quest 20x The Sharpest Blades. Now instead of the bees, we’re going to hunt Marshfang Rippers and Slicers (don’t forget to keep killing Fen Striders, Marshwalkers, and bats for Fertile Spores).
    2. See Shadow Hunter Denjai to turn in quest turn in x20 Impending Attack, accept quest 20x Us or Them and quest 20xMessage to the Daggerfen.
  16. Depart town heading northeast to Serpent Lake. Use your Potion of Water Breathing and head to the middle of the lake near the pump, then start killing Fenclaw Thrashers. Look for them at the bottom of the lake. Note that you can stand on the pump’s pipes to eat and drink. Keep killing here until you collect 12 Thick Hydra Scales and kill 10 Fenclaw Thrashers for quest 20xAngling to Beat the Competition.
  17. Hearthstone to Cenarion Refuge, then go northeast to Swamprat Post:
    1. Talk to Zurai to turn in quest turn in x20 Thick Hydra Scales, accept quest 20x Searching for Scout Jyoba.
    2. Speak with Magasha to turn in quest turn in x20 No More Mushrooms! and quest turn in x20There’s No Explanation for Fashion, accept quest 20x A Job Undone.
  18. Leave town heading north to the Dead Mire, find Scout Jyoba (80.8, 36.3) to turn in quest turn in x20 Searching for Scout Jyoba, accept quest 20x Jyoba’s Report. Now kill Withered Giants in this area until they drop Scout Jyoba’s Report and a Withered Basidium (which you can right-click to accept quest 20x Withered Basidium). Also collect Bog Lord Tendrils, which you’ll want to save for a quest that’s coming up. While you’re farming the giants, start asking in chat about a group for quest 20xLeader of the Bloodscale (the NPC you’re going to kill is Rajis Fyashe). You should also try to finish quest 20xMenacing Marshfangs (kill Marshfang Rippers) while you’re in the Dead Mire.
  19. Now go southwest to find Sporewing, a big yellow sporebat that hangs out around (79, 48), right on the southwestern edge of the Deadmire. Farm mobs while you hunt for it, kill it once you find it!
  20. Head west, passing Telredor to your south, to reach the Bloodscale Grounds (65, 41). While waiting for a group forquest 20xLeader of the Bloodscale, kill nagas, grab their claws, and hope one of them drops Drain Schematics. This isn’t the only opportunity to find them, so don’t worry if you can’t right away. If you can’t get a group/can’t solo Rajis, you can come back for this later.
  21. Leave the naga village and head towards the eastern side of Serpent Lake to find the Serpent Steam Pump (62, 40.8) (you can see it from where you find Rajis). Stand near the control console and right click your Ironvine Seeds, you eco-terrorist you.
  22. Make your way southeast to Swamprat Post, killing naga and Marshfang Rippers as you go — you’ll want to complete quest 20xMenacing Marshfangs before you get to the post.
  23. At Swamprat Post:
    1. Talk to Zurai to turn in quest turn in x20 Jyoba’s Report.
    2. Speak with Magasha to turn in quest turn in x20 A Job Undone.
    3. See Reavij to turn in quest turn in x20 Withered Basidium and quest turn in x20Menacing Marshfangs, accept quest 20x Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger.
  24. Go southwest back to Cenarion Refuge and see Warden Hamoot (79.1, 65.3) to turn in quest turn in x20 Leader of the Bloodscale if you completed it.
  25. Take the road south past Umbrafen Village and turn right towards at the fork (follow the sign for Nagrand). At (77, 86.1), look for the small path that leads to Fungor Cavern (75, 91). It’s visible on your map as a dotted path south to a cave. Once inside, take your first right up a small hill, follow the path around and then take your first right and downhill find Ikeyen’s Belongings against the wall (70.5, 97.9). Continue downhill to find Lord Klaq. You can pull the adds in front of him, he should be an easy kill. Stay in the cavern and kill Marsh Dredgers and Marsh Lurkers until you’ve completed Saving the Sporeloks. Note that if you run out of Marsh baddies in the cave, you can find some outside of the cave as well.
  26. Exit the cavern and go northwest to the southern shore of Umbrafen Lake. Find the Umbrafen Steam Pump (70.6, 80.3) and kill the Steam Pump Overseer, and cross your fingers, he sometimes drops the Drain Schematics if the naga didn’t already. Either way, stand near the pump controls and use your Ironvine Seeds. This should spawn another overseer, and you can repeat this process over and over until you get the schematics and accept quest 20x Drain Schematics. While farming for the schematics, ask in chat if anyone wants to help you kill Rajah Haghazed for quest 20xLeader of the Darkcrest.
  27. Go northwest from the steam pump to reach the Darkcrest Enclave (66, 70). Clear your way to the middle of the village and, if you were able to find help, kill Rajah Haghazed. You can try to solo it, some classes can manage. Make sure you have the sporebat buff if you’re going to try to solo this one. Like the last elite naga quest, you can always leave it for later if you can’t beat it and can’t find help.
  28. Make your way northwest to The Lagoon, you should be able to see the Lagoon Steam Pump (63.1, 64.1) from the Darkcrest village. Use your Ironvine Seeds while near the console.
  29. Head southwest around the southern side of the lagoon, then continue west to Feralfen Village (50, 62). Kill stuff here — there’s more Feralfen to the west and southwest too — until you’ve collected 10 Feralfen Protection Totems (guess they don’t work that well). While here, find Blacksting (49.8, 60.1) in the northeast of the Feralfen area. Kill it and grab Blacksting’s Stinger, you Cyrano de Bergerac you.
  30. Once you’ve completed the objectives for quest 20xNothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger and quest 20xSpirits of the Feralfen, go north to Serpent Lake. Swim to the middle of the lake to find the big pump (50, 41). Swim underwater toward the drain a bit until you get a quest update for quest 20xDrain Schematics (the message “Drain Located complete”.

Part 2

zangarmarsh map part 2 1
  1. Hearthstone to Cenarion Refuge:
    1. Speak with Lauranna Thar’well in the eastern part of town to turn in quest turn in x20 Saving the Sporeloks, also turn in quest turn in x20 Unidentified Plant Parts to her if you have enough — don’t forget to check the package she gives you for the Uncatologued Species!
    2. Talk to Ikeyen to give him back his stuff (turn in quest turn in x20 A Damp, Dark Place).
    3. Find Ysiel Windsinger in the inn to turn in quest turn in x20 Drain Schematics, accept quest 20x Warning the Cenarion Circle.
    4. See Warden Hamoot to turn in quest turn in x20 Leader of the Darkcrest, if you managed to do it.
    5. Last, talk to Windcaller Blackhoof to turn in quest turn in x20 Safeguarding the Watchers. You should now be friendly with the Cenarion Expedition, which will let you also accept quest 20x Blessings of the Ancients. If for some reason you aren’t friendly with Cenarion yet, get more Unidentified Plants to bring to Lauranna. You might also have the Naga Claws you need to turn in quest turn in x20 A Warm Welcome yet.
    6. Let’s talk to some trees! There are two big Ancients who wander the town: Speak to Ashyen to accept quest 20x the Mark of Lore, and find Keleth to get the Mark of War. Once you’ve gotten both buffs, return to Windcaller Blackhoof to turn in quest turn in x20 Blessings of the Ancients. You can get these buffs anytime you return to Cenarion Refuge.
    7. Go back to the inn and talk to Lethyn Moonfire to accept quest 20x Watcher Leesa’oh and quest 20xWhat’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?
  2. Now we’re going to quickly pop back into Hellfire Peninsula. Ride east to the Cenarion Post (16, 52) and talk to Amythiel Mistwalker to turn in quest turn in x20 Warning the Cenarion Circle and accept quest 20x Return to the Marsh.
  3. OK, right back to Zangarmarsh and the Cenarion Refuge. Speak with Ysiel Windsinger to turn in quest turn in x20 Return to the Marsh and accept quest 20x Failed Incursion. This quest is for the Slave Pens instance, so you can try to join a group for that instance any time you’d like from now on while in Zangarmarsh.
  4. Go northeast to Swamprat Post and see Reavij and turn in quest turn in x20 Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger. O, unrequited love!
  5. Catch a wyvern to Zabra’jin once you’ve given our buddy his stinger, then:
    1. Make Zabra’jin your new home.
    2. Talk to Seer Janidi to turn in quest turn in x20 Spirits of the Feralfen, accept quest 20x A Spirit Ally?
    3. Speak with Zurjaya to turn in quest turn in x20 Angling to Beat the Competition, accept quest 20x The Biggest of Them All and quest 20xPursuing Terrorclaw.
  6. Head southwest on the road to the Cenarion Watchpost and talk to Watcher Leesa’oh (23.3, 66.2), turn in quest turn in x20 Watcher Leesa’oh and accept quest 20x Observing the Sporelings. Ready for some scientific observation? Don’t worry, we’ll still kill stuff.
  7. Go across the western bridge, and the bridge further west, to find the pacing Fahssn (19, 63). Talk to him to accept quest 20x Natural Enemies and quest 20xThe Sporelings’ Plight.
  8. Just west of your new sporelok friend is the Spawning Glen. Kill giants on sight in this area while you hunt for Mature Spore Sacs to collect (and protecc). After traversing the glen for awhile, you should get an “Investigate the Spawning Glen” quest update for quest 20xObserving the Sporelings. Kill and collect until you’ve got at least 6 Bog Lord Tendrils for quest 20xNatural Enemies (if you find extra, even better) and collected 10 Mature Spore Sacs for quest 20xThe Sporelings’ Plight — the spore sacs look like a hot air balloons, only 6 feet tall. When finished, return to Fahssn to turn in quest turn in x20 Natural Enemies and quest turn in x20The Sporelings’ Plight, then continue back to Watcher Leesa’oh and turn in quest turn in x20 Observing the Sporelings, accept quest 20x A Question of Gluttony.
  9. Go east from Leesa’oh to find the Quagg Ridge (27, 63). Kill giants and collect 10 Discarded Nutriments — the mushrooms (or shroom stems) on the ground glowing green. Return to Watcher Leesa’oh and turn in quest turn in x20 A Question of Gluttony, accept quest 20x Familiar Fungi. You coulda guessed there’d be some mushroom-related quests when you first got here, right?
  10. Return to the Quagg Ridge, fight your way east until you leave the sub-zone. Farm Marshfang Slicers in this area while looking for the big nether ray “Count” Ungula, who should be near (33, 60). Kill the count, making sure you loot “Count” Ungula’s Mandible — right-click the mandible to accept quest 20x The Count of the Marshes. If you haven’t completed quest 20xThe Sharpest Blades, keep killing Marshfang Slicers here until you have.
  11. Leave the marsh and head southeast to the Boha’mu Ruins (44, 66), south of the Feralfen Village. walk up the first flight of stairs and then right-click your Feralfen Totem, then kill the Feralfen Serpent Spirit that appears. Why do failed experiments always end up with you getting attacked?
  12. Go northwest towards Zabra’jin, and hunt for Burstcap Mushrooms on the west side of Zabra’jin if you haven’t completed quest 20xBurstcap Mushrooms, Mon!
  13. In Zabra’jin:
    1. See Witch Doctor Tor’gash and turn in quest turn in x20 Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!, accept quest 20x Have You Ever Seen One of These?
    2. Talk to Seer Janidi to turn in quest turn in x20 A Spirit Ally?
    3. Speak with Gambarinka to turn in quest turn in x20 The Sharpest Blades.
    4. NOTE: Check and see if you’ve collected 6 Fertile Spores yet. If you haven’t, keep killing Fen Striders, Marsh Walkers, Sporebats, and Greater Sporebats.
  14. Head north to the Hewn Bog (32, 38), and stay here killing ogres to collect 15 Mushroom Samples and complete quest 20xFamiliar Fungi. Also keep collecting Glowcaps until you’ve got 10.
  15. Go southeast to Serpent Lake and swim to the island at (40, 42). Under the water near the northeastern tip of the island, find and kill Mragesh.
  16. Return to Zabra’jin and find Zurjaya to turn in quest turn in x20 The Biggest of Them All.
  17. Take the road southwest to find Watcher Leesa’oh again, speak with her to turn in quest turn in x20 Familiar Fungi and quest turn in x20The Count of the Marshes, accept quest 20x Stealing Back the Mushrooms.
  18. If you’re 750/3000 neutral or better with Sporeggar, just go see Fahssn (19, 63) and accept quest 20x Sporeggar now. Otherwise, continue on the road west to reach the Spawning Glen. Now you’re going to want to collect sets of 6 Bog Lord Tendrils (by killing giants) and 10 Mature Spore Sacs. You can turn in these items with Fahssn (19.1, 63.9) to gain rep with Sporeggar; we need to reach Neutral for the next step. Each turn in quest turn in x20 of 6 tendrils or 10 spore sacs will net you 750 rep. Once you’re neutral with Sporeggar, accept quest 20x Sporeggar from Fahssn. NOTE: If you still haven’t found 6 Fertile Spores, get an extra 750 rep with either quest 20xMore Tendrils! or quest 20xMore Spore Sacs before you do step 19.
  19. Go north from Fahssn to reach Sporeggar (19, 52). Be careful not to say the names of these NPCs out loud unless you want to accidentally summon an eldritch being:
    1. Talk to Msshi’fn to accept and then turn in quest 20xquest turn in x20 Glowcap Mushrooms, turn in quest turn in x20 Sporeggar.
    2. If you found all 6 Fertile Spores, talk to Gshaff to accept and then turn in quest 20xquest turn in x20 Fertile Spores. If you haven’t, go get ’em!
    3. You should now be Friendly with Sporeggar, so go see Gzhun’tt to accept quest 20x Now That We’re Friends…
  20. Go northeast from town to the southern island of Marshlight Lake. Fight ‘n kill Terrorclaw. On the next island over to your northwest, find the Fel Iron Chest (21.4, 42) to grab a bit of extra loot.
  21. Swim east across the lake to reach the Marshlight Steam Pump. Use your Ironvine Seeds to shut that thing down.
  22. Enter the nearby Bloodscale Enclave to the east and exterminate snakes until you’ve completed quest 20xNow That We’re Friends… and collected 30 Naga Claws for quest 20xA Warm Welcome (if you haven’t turned it in already). The Bloodscale Enchantresses have an aoe spell you’ll want to avoid, so watch out for that.
  23. Head north to Daggerfen Village, and enter the main building. Fight your way to the top and kill Chieftain Mummaki, loot his Totem.
  24. Go to the northeastern part of the villages, and find the flat rock at (26.8, 22.6). Use the Murloc Cage while near it. If you like murlocs, wait a bit here. If you haven’t completed quest 20xMessage to the Daggerfen, stay here and do so.
  25. Go northwest through the Ango’rosh Grounds to the bridge at (17, 13). Cross it and take a right, then head up the hill to find a small building on your left. Kill Overlord Gorefist inside, then stay here until you’ve completed quest 20xUs or Them and quest 20xStealing Back the Mushrooms. The Boxes of Mushrooms can drop from ogres and be found around their island as well.
  26. Hearthstone back to Zabra’jin. We’re going to just turn in a bunch of quests now, so this is a good time to try to get a group for an instance while you follow the next steps:
    1. Speak with Witch Doctor Tor’gash to turn in quest turn in x20 Have You Ever Seen One of These?
    2. Talk to Shadow Hunter Denjai to turn in quest turn in x20 Message to the Daggerfen, quest turn in x20Us or Them, and quest turn in x20Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki.
    3. See Zurjaya to turn in quest turn in x20 Pursuing Terrorclaw.
  27. Now take the road southwest to Watcher Leesa’oh to turn in quest turn in x20 Stealing Back the Mushrooms.
  28. Go northwest to Sporeggar:
    1. Talk to Gzhun’tt and turn in quest turn in x20 Now That We’re Friends…
    2. If you want to do the Coilfang Reservoir Dungeons, also grab the following quests. Note they require level 63. Also note how these NPC names are all sneeze related:
      1. From Gzhun’tt, accept quest 20x Bring Me A Shrubbery!
      2. From T’shu, accept quest 20x Oh, It’s On!
      3. From Khn’nix, accept quest 20x Stalk the Stalker.
  29. Return to Zabra’jin to the east, take a wyvern to Swamprat Post, then ride south on the road to Cenarion Refuge:
    1. Speak with Warden Hamoot to turn in quest turn in x20 A Warm Welcome.
    2. See Ysiel Windsinger to turn in quest turn in x20 Balance Must Be Preserved.

Unless you want to do some dungeons, we’re all done in Zangarmarsh. Return to Swamprat Post, then fly to Shattrath when you’re ready!

Extra XP In Zangarmarsh

Grinding Mobs

Funggor Cavern (73, 88) is a good place to grind mobs in Zangarmarsh, as the elementals here don’t hit hard and go down easy. That being said, you should level up easily just by doing the quests and instances, so unless you find yourself too low on XP to accept quests you don’t really need to bother.

Zangarmarsh Dungeons: Coilfang Reservoir

Finding the entrance to these instances can be tricky — you’ll need to swim out to the middle of Serpent Lake to the big pumping complex, and center yourself between all the big pumps. Find where the bubbles are rising up, and swim down through the bubbles into the pipe. Following the pipe will lead you to a cavern where you can access the Coilfang Reservoir instances. There’s two you can do pre-level 70:

  • The Slave Pens (Recommended Level 61-64)
    • Entrance is on your left once you exit the lake and enter the cavern
    • Quest: quest 20xLost in Action

More challenging than the previous instances in this guide, but with even better loot. This instance will give you Rep with Cenarion Expedition.

This instance will give also you Rep with Cenarion Expedition, as well as rep with Sporregar. Worth noting that many people miss the path to the third boss: you need to jump through the little hole in the far end of the tank where you kill the second boss to get to the third boss.


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