tbc classic horde leveling guide netherstorm [level 68 70]
  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

One of the most unique settings in Outland, the Netherstorm’s Eco-Domes, haunted towns and Manaforges contain all the XP you need to make it to 70.

Netherstorm [Level 68-70]

Part 1

netherstorm quest map part 1
  1. As soon as you enter the Netherstorm, you’ll be faced with a big goblin bridge. Cross it, and while you’re on it speak with Netherologist Coppernickels to accept quest 20x Off To Area 52.
  2. Continue on the road, take a right at the fork to continue southeast, and you’ll soon reach Area 52 (32, 66):
    1. Talk to Boots to accept quest 20x Securing the Shaleskin Shale.
    2. See Rocket-Chief Fuselage to turn in quest turn in x20 Off To Area 52, accept quest 20x You’re Hired!
    3. Head out the east gate and grab the flight path on your left.
    4. Back in town, head straight to find the Wanted Poster. Read it to accept quest 20x Breaking Down Netherock and quest 20xWanted: Annihilator Servo!
    5. Go into the inn (it’s the building the wanted poster is in front of) and make the inn your new home.
    6. Outside of the inn, speak to Nether-Stalker Khay’ji to turn in quest turn in x20 Assisting the Consortium and accept quest 20x Consortium Crystal Collection.
    7. Cross the bridge by the inn and go right to find Ravandwyr to accept quest 20x The Archmage’s Staff.
  3. Leave town heading east, and you’ll find Shaleskin Flayers south of the road, kill them until you’ve completed Securing the Shaleskin Shale. Then return to Area 52 and speak with Boots to turn in quest turn in x20 Securing the Shaleskin Shale and accept quest 20x That Little Extra Kick.
  4. Leave town again via the eastern gate, and take a right at the first fork and a left at the second fork to reach the Arklon Ruins. Once you’re in the ruins:
    1. Just a bit into the ruins, you’ll see an unlit brazier on your right at (41, 72). tbc horde leveling guide unlit brazierUse your Conjuring Powder while near the brazier to summon Ekkorash the Inquisitor. Defeat her and loot Archmage Vargoth’s Staff.
    2. East of the brazier you should be able to see Pentatharon (42.5, 72.8). Defeat him too, take his Arklon Crystal Artifact. Don’t miss the chest behind him either!
    3. Go down the trail that leads east out of the ruins, and just north of the road are Nether Rays to kill for quest 20xThat Little Extra Kick. It’s OK to leave even if you don’t get all the Nether Ray Stingers you need after clearing the area.
  5. Hearthstone back to Area 52:
    1. Outside the inn, speak with Nether-Stalker Khay’ji to turn in quest turn in x20 Consortium Crystal Collection and accept quest 20x A Heap of Ethereals.
    2. If you finished it, see Boots nearby to turn in quest turn in x20 That Little Extra Kick.
    3. Talk to Papa Wheeler and accept quest 20x Pick Your Part.
    4. Talk to Ravandwyr to turn in quest turn in x20 The Archmage’s Staff, accept quest 20x Rebuilding the Staff.
  6. Take the road west out of town toward Manaforge B’naar:
  7. Go southeast from the manaforge to reach The Heap (28, 78). If you want to avoid having to fight a lot of mobs, you’ll want to take the valley east of the manaforge to get to The Heap. Kill Zaxxis Raiders and Stalkers here until you’ve collected 10 Zaxxis Insignias. Also collect the 10 Ethereal Technology you need for quest 20xPick Your Part — they are the cubes and cylinders scattered around the area.
  8. Return to Area 52:
    1. [ALDOR] In the inn, speak with Exarch Orelis to turn in quest turn in x20 Distraction at Manaforge B’naar, accept quest 20x Measuring Warp Energies. Then, talk to Anchorite Karja to accept quest 20x Naaru Technology.
    2. [SCRYER] In the inn, see Spymaster Thalodien to turn in quest turn in x20 Manaforge B’naar, accept quest 20x High Value Targets. Then speak with Magistrix Larynna to accept quest 20x Bloodgem Crystals.
    3. Find Nether-Stalker Khay’ji outside the inn to turn in quest turn in x20 A Heap of Ethereals, accept quest 20x Warp-Raider Nesaad.
    4. Talk to Papa Wheeler to turn in quest turn in x20 Pick your Part (and quest turn in x20Wanted: Annihilator Servo if you did it), accept quest 20x In A Scrap With The Legion and quest 20xHelp Mama Wheeler.
  9. Leave town heading west again to return to Manaforge B’naar:
    • [ALDOR] Once you’re near the manaforge, go to the following coordinates and use the Warp-Attuned Orb where the pipes enters the ground:
      1. Northern Pipeline – (25.4, 60.4)
      2. Western Pipeline – (21.2, 67.5)
      3. Southern Pipeline – ( 20.9, 71.0)
      4. After you measure the southern pipeline, go north and enter the manaforge, then find a console (23.2, 68.1) to turn in quest turn in x20  Naaru Technology and accept quest 20x  B’naar Console Transcription. Then continue on your counter-clockwise collection of the measurements
      5. Eastern Pipeline – (28.9, 71.8)
    • [SCRYER] Continue to the west side of the manaforge and kill Sunfury Magisters until one of them drop a Bloodgem Shard. Then head to the nearest big red crystal (you can find one at  (26.4, 74.6) and use the Bloodgem to complete the objectives for quest 20xBloodgem Crystals. While doing so, find and kill Sunfury Warp-MastersGeologists (they can be found west of and inside the manaforge) and Warp-Engineers inside the manaforge for quest 20xHigh Value Targets.
  10. Optionally, you can complete quest 20xIt’s a Fel Reaver, But With A Heart. [WIP]
  11. Warp-Raider Nesaad (28.4, 79.5) is southeast of the manaforge, near the southern edge of the map. You can find him easily by heading due south from the manaforge’s western pipeline. Kill him.
  12. Haerthstone back to Area 52:
    1. [ALDOR] In the inn, talk to Anchorite Karja to turn in quest turn in x20 B’naar Console Transcription, accept quest 20x Shutting Down Manaforge B’naar. Speak with Exarch Orelis to turn in quest turn in x20 Measuring Warp Energies, accept quest 20x Attack on Manaforge Coruu.
    2. [SCRYER] In the Inn, speak with Spymaster Thalodien (32, 64) to turn in quest turn in x20 High Value Targets and accept quest 20x Shutting Down Manaforge B’naar. Speak to Magistrix Larynna next to him to turn in quest turn in x20 Bloodgem Crystals.
    3. Outside, see Nether-Stalker Khay’ji to turn in quest turn in x20 Warp-Raider Nesaad, accept quest 20x Request for Assistance.
  13. Leave town heading northwest on the road, then go right at the fork and you’ll soon reach the Ruins of Enkkat:
    1. Speak with Bot-Specialist Alley to accept quest 20x Recharging the Batteries.
    2. Next, when you’re ready for an escort quest, talk to Maxx A. Million Mk. V to accept quest 20x Mark V is Alive! Let the robot tank the mobs, and make sure you’re grabbing the red glowing Etherlithium Matrix Crystals (for You’re Hired!) which you’ll find around the ruins — also be killing ghosts to collect the 4 Flawless Crystal Shards you need for Rebuilding the Staff. Don’t get too far away from Maxx though, or you’ll fail the quest and have to abandon/accept quest 20x it again.
    3. When finished with the escort quest, if you haven’t finished the other 2 quests, do so. Then turn in quest turn in x20 Mark V is Alive! at Bot-Specialist Alley.
  14. Go north of the ruins and look for Nether Rays and Phase Hunters. You only need the Nether Rays if you haven’t finished That Little Extra Kick. The Phase Hunters are for quest 20x Recharging the Batteries — make sure you use the Battery Recharging Blaster on them once they’re below 30% hp (you’ll get a message “The phase hunter is very weak” when you can use the blaster on them. Note that you have to kill them after you’ve drained them to get quest credit. Make your way west to find more of the mobs you need, and just move on if you can’t find enough, you should find more Phase Hunters on your way to the manaforge in the next step, if you follow the northern pipeline in.
  15. Go south to Manaforge B’naar. Head to the southern entrance of the manaforge and go inside, start clearing the room. In the southeast in a small room you’ll find Overseer Theredis — kill him and loot the B’naar Access Crystal. Then clear the room and when ready, right click to the console (which is really just a big crystal near the middle of the room) and select “Begin Emergency Shutdown”. Defend the console until the quest is complete.
  16. Hearthstone to Area 52:
    1. [ALDOR] Speak with Anchorite Karja in the inn to turn in quest turn in x20  Shutting Down Manaforge B’naar, accept quest 20x  Shutting Down Manaforge Coruu. Talk to nearby Exarch Orelis to accept quest 20x  Attack on Manaforge Coruu.
    2. [SCRYER] Find Spymaster Thalodien in the inn to turn in quest turn in x20  Shutting Down Manaforge B’naar, accept quest 20x  Stealth Flight. Go out the eastern gate and find Veronia (33.8, 64.2) to turn in quest turn in x20  Stealth Flight and accept quest 20x  Behind Enemy Lines, but don’t tell Veronia you’re ready yet.
    3. See Rocket-Chief Fuselage to turn in quest turn in x20 You’re Hired! and accept quest 20x Invaluable Asset Zapping and quest 20xReport to Engineering.
    4. Go south across the bridge to Chief Engineer Trep to turn in quest turn in x20 Report to Engineering and accept quest 20x Essence for the Engines.
    5. Speak with Ravandwyr to turn in quest turn in x20 Rebuilding the Staff and accept quest 20x Curse of the Violet Tower. Then immediately use the Archmage Vargoth’s Staff to summon the Image of Archmage Vargoth. Speak to it to turn in quest turn in x20 Curse of the Violet Tower and accept quest 20x The Sigil of Krasus.
  17. Leave Area 52 via the northern gate, and head due north from the gate to find Mana Wraiths. The wraiths spawn from here to a fair bit east, so kill them until you’ve collected 7 Mana Wraith Essences for quest 20xEssence for the Engines.
  18. You should be close to the Ruins of Enkaat — head to the entrance to speak with Bot-Specialist Alley and turn in quest turn in x20 Recharging the Batteries.
  19. Return to Area 52, speak with Chief Engineer Trep to turn in quest turn in x20 Essence for the Engines, accept quest 20x Elemental Power Extraction.
  20. Head south and slightly east of Area 52 to the edge of the map and you’ll find Sundered Rumblers and Warp Aberrations, use your Elemental Power Extractor on them and then kill them, they should drop a little blue crystal you can loot to grab Elemental Power. Repeat until you’ve completed quest 20xElemental Power Extraction.
  21. Now go northeast to the Arklon Ruins (41, 73):
  22. You’ll need to use the Ultra Deconsolodation Zapper on 4 different objects here (you can just right click them), they’re all relatively close together:
    1. Dig-A-Matic at (41.1, 71.8)
    2. Dredging Claw is at (41.5, 71.8)
    3. Terrain Analyzer at (40.3, 72.9)
    4. Big Wagon at (42.5, 72.2)
  23. Now you’re going to take one of two paths to Manaforge Coruu, depending on if you chose Aldor or Scryer. Either way, keep an eye out for the Arcane Annihilator that’s inside the manaforge, you can kill it to complete quest 20xWanted: Annihilator Servo if you haven’t yet.

Part 2

netherstorm quest map part 2
  1. Leave the manaforge and go southeast on the road to reach Kirin’var Village, and make your way to the town square (57, 85). Once there::
    1. Speak with Apprentice Andrethan (57.6, 85.2) to accept quest 20x Indispensable Tools.
    2. Nearby, talk to Thadell (57.6, 85) to accept quest 20x Needs More Cowbell.
    3. Speak with the custodian Dieworth (57.4, 86.2) to accept quest 20x Malevolent Remnants. From now on, kill Severed Spirits until you’ve completed the objective for this quest. Also accept quest 20x A Fate Worse Than Death. From now on kill Mana Seekers and Mageslayers you see until you’ve completed this quest. Last but not least, accept quest 20x The Sunfury Garrison.
    4. See Lieutenant-Sorcerer Morran to accept quest 20x The Unending Invasion.
  2. Be careful! The aggro range on the mobs in the town are very long. Head south from the tower and find Abjurist Belmara, who patrols near (59,88). Kill her and loot her book, Belmara’s Tome, then right-click it to accept quest 20x  Abjurist Belmara.
  3. Next head east to the building at (60, 87) with the clock-tower. Find Battle-Mage Dathric inside and kill him. Pick up Dathric’s Blade from him and right-click it to accept quest 20x Battle-Mage Dathric.
  4. Head outside and find the path that runs past the south side of the building; Cohlien Frostweaver should be around (59, 86). Kill him and pick up Cohlien’s Cap and right-click it to accept quest 20x Cohlien Frostweaver.
  5. Go north to the blacksmith’s house (61, 85) and kill the Kirin’Var Apprentices that hang out by the forge until you retrieve the Smithing Hammer.
  6. Conjurer Luminrath patrols the road (60, 85), northwest of the blacksmith’s house. Kill him and grab Luminrath’s Mantle and right-click it to accept quest 20x Conjurer Luminrath.
  7. Head northeast and then over the bridge to the Chapel Yard. Continue north and find Bessy  (59, 78) out in a field. This is an escort quest, so make sure you’re ready before you begin it. Once prepared, speak with Bessy to turn in quest turn in x20 Needs More Cowbell and accept quest 20x When the Cows Come Home. This is soloable as long as you let Bessy take aggro first, and buff her if you can. It also seems possible to die and come back and res and continue escorting Bessy. Once she makes it to Thadell you can turn in quest turn in x20 When the Cows Come Home to him.
  8. Speak with Apprentice Andrethan to turn in quest turn in x20Indispensable Tools and accept quest 20x Master Smith Rhonsus.
  9. Now we’re going to put some ghosts to rest!
    1. Go west to the nearby houses, killing Mana Seekers and Mageslayers if you haven’t completed quest 20xA Fate Worse Than Death yet. Go into the house closest to the tower, and get close to the weapon rack (56.9,86.8) — it should sparkle when you’re close enough — and use Dathric’s Blade in your inventory.
    2. Leave this house and continue southwest up the road, skip one house and then go “into” the next one and find the dresser at (56.4, 87.8). Use Luminrath’s Mantle near it.
    3. Turn around from the dresser and go straight, you’ll find the Mana Bomb Fragment for quest 20xThe Unending Invasion (55.7, 87.2). Then enter the house just to the northwest and find the bookshelf at (55.5, 86.5) and use Belmara’s Tome near it.
    4. From the doorway of Belmara’s house, turn right and you’ll see across the street a house with a footlocker at (55, 87), use Cohlien’s Cap near it.
  10. Return to the tower with all the NPCs, and speak with Morran to turn in quest turn in x20  The Unending Invasion and accept quest 20x  Potential Energy Source. Then speak with Dieworth to turn in quest turn in x20  Battle-Mage Dathricquest turn in x20Conjurer Luminrathquest turn in x20Cohlien Frostweaver, quest turn in x20Abjurist Belmara, quest turn in x20 Malevolent Remnants, and quest turn in x20A Fate Worse Than Death. Then accept quest 20x The Annals of Kirin’Var.
  11. Now you’ll have to kill poor Battle-Mage Dathric again! Go east to the town hall building (the one with the clocktower) at (60, 87) and slay Dathric once more; this time he’ll drop the Annals of Kirin’Var.
  12. Go northeast to the blacksmith’s house and kill Master Smith Rhonsus  (61, 85).
  13. Return to the tower and speak to Dieworth to turn in quest turn in x20 The Annals of Kirin’Var and accept quest 20x Searching for Evidence. Then go talk to Apprentice Andrethan (57.6, 85.2) and turn in quest turn in x20Master Smith Rhonsus.
  14. Go northeast across the bridge to the farm again, and go into the barn at (60, 78). Interact with the Necromantic Focus to turn in quest turn in x20 Searching for Evidence and accept quest 20x A Lingering Suspicion.
  15. Exit the barn, and find Tormented Citizens in this part of the village. If you get close enough, they’ll transform into the  Loathsome Remnants you need to kill/loot to complete quest 20xA Lingering Suspicion. Make sure you let the spirits transform into ghosts before you kill them, or you wont get the quest item drops. Also try not to DPS them when they cast soulbind.
  16. Return to the tower in the middle of the town, talk to Dieworth to turn in quest turn in x20 A Lingering Suspicion, accept quest 20x Capturing the Phylactery.
  17. Go across the bridge again, go straight until you hit a small hill, then go right and look on your right for the three outhouses (small buildings) on the side of the chapel. Click on the middle one to find Naberius’s Phylactery — return to Dieworth to turn in quest turn in x20Capturing the Phylactery.
  18. You can accept quest 20x Destroy Naberious! from Dieworth if you want, and try to solo it or get a group. Cross the bridge to the Chapel Yard, then head to the chapel at the northeast end of the area (62, 79) to find him. If you defeat him, turn the quest in with Dieworth. Some notes on Naberious:
    • Clear the interior adds before you aggro him, and you can clear the ones outside if you plan on kiting him a lot.
    • Avoid the red circles on the ground by constantly moving, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of HP
    • If you aren’t solo (or if you’re a balance druid), he can cast mind control.
    • You can avoid his frost bolt by breaking LOS.
  19. Leave the village and go west to Manaforge Coruu. North of the road, go through the camp and look on the ground for the Energy Isolation Cubes with a purple glowing light inside — you want to collect these — and find Spellbinder Maryana nearby. Kill her and loot the Sigil of Krasus, then use the Archmage Vargoth’s Staff to summon Vargoth and turn in quest turn in x20 The Sigil of Krasus, accept quest 20xKrasus’s Compendium. Finish collecting Energy Isolation Cube forquest 20xPotential Energy Source before you leave.
  20. Return to the Town Square of Kirin’var Village, talk to Lieutenant-Sorcerer Morran by the tower to turn in quest turn in x20 Potential Energy Source and accept quest 20x Building a Perimeter.
  21. Now we’re going to look for some scrolls:
    1. Head to the fountain just south of the tower, then enter the house to the southwest to find Krasus’s Compendium – Chapter 2 at (57.6, 89.6).
    2. Leave this house and go to the 2nd house on your right to grab Krasus’s Compendium – Chapter 1 (58.6, 89.2).
    3. Exit that house, and go to the closest house to the northeast to find Krasus’s Compendium – Chapter 3 (58.8, 87.9).
    4. Use Archmage Vargoth’s Staff to summon him again, turn in quest turn in x20 Krasus’s Compendium and accept quest 20x Unlocking the Compendium.
  22. Time to activate some runes! They are coin-shaped, blue, semi-transparent, and hang out in the air.
    1. Go east of the central tower to (59.2, 85.3) and use the Rune Activation Device on the Eastern Rune.
    2. Go north across the bridge and head west up the hill to (57.4, 82.9) and use the Rune Activation Device on the North Eastern Rune.
    3. Now jump down the hill and go southwest to (54.3, 86.1) and activate the Western Rune, which is at the base of the cliff that the village sits on.
    4. Return to Lieutenant-Sorcerer Morran and turn in quest turn in x20  Building a Perimeter, accept quest 20x Torching Sunfury Hold. Look back as you leave the village to see the perimeter you set up!
  23. Leave the village on the northwestern road, and go right (north) at the fork to Sunfury Hold (56, 81).
    1. Start killing the archers for quest 20xThe Sunfury Garrison, finish the objectives for this quest before you leave the area.
    2. Look for a Sunfury Flamekeeper to kill so you can steal their Flaming Torch. Once you have one, it will last for 5 minutes. Burn 4 tents and 4 Ballistas, and note that they will stop burning quickly, so you can clear one area and burn the stuff tthere until you’ve completed quest 20xTorching Sunfury Hold.
    3. Head to (56, 79) near the center of the camp and wait for Spellreaver Marathelle to show up (if she isn’t there), clear any nearby adds before engaging her. Kill her and loot the Heliotrope Oculus, then use Archmage Vargoth’s Staff to summon him. turn in quest turn in x20 Unlocking the Compendium and accept quest 20x Summoner Kanthin’s Prize.
  24. Go west on the road from Sunfury Hold, then go right at the fork and cross the bridge. Follow the road to again go right at the fork and you’ll reach Manaforge DuroSummoner Kanthin patrols the road in front of the manaforge — kill Kanthin, loot the Stone of Glacius and use  Archmage Vargoth’s Staff to summon the Archmage. turn in quest turn in x20 Summoner Kanthin’s Prize, accept quest 20x Ar’kelos the Guardian.
  25. Head back the way you came and return to Kirin’var Village:
    1. Speak with Morran to turn in quest turn in x20 Torching Sunfury Hold.
    2. Speak with Dieworth to turn in quest turn in x20 The Sunfury Garrison and accept quest 20x Down With Daellis.
    3. Enter the tower and you’ll be confronted by the arcane golem Ar’kelos. Take that big boy out (kill him) and then go to the top of the tower and find Vargoth. Talk to him to turn in quest turn in x20  Ar’kelos the Guardian, but don’t worry about accepting the follow-up quest 20xFinding the Keymaster, though you can certainly follow the quest chain if you want to and you can find a partner.

Part 3

netherstorm map quest part 3
  1. Hearthstone back to Area 52:
    1. [ALDOR] Speak with Anchorite Karja to turn in quest turn in x20 Shutting Down Manaforge Coruu, accept quest 20x Shutting Down Manaforge Duro. Talk to Exarch Orelis to turn in quest turn in x20 Attack on Manaforge Coruu, accept quest 20x Sunfury Briefings.
    2. [SCRYER] Speak with Spymaster Thalodien to turn in quest turn in x20 Return to Thalodien, accept quest 20x Shutting Down Manaforge Duro. Then speak with Magistrix Larynna to accept quest 20x Kick Them While They’re Down.
    3. See Chief Enginner Trep to turn in quest turn in x20 Elemental Power Extraction.
  2. Leave via the eastern gate, then take a right and head south into the trench to find Lead Sapper Blastfizzle (34, 68). turn in quest turn in x20 Invaluable Asset Zapping and accept quest 20x Dr. Boom!
  3. Go back to the gate you left out of (the eastern one) and go north to Camp Boom (34, 60). This quest can be a pain in the butt, as you might struggle to avoid the tiny bombs Dr. Boom sends out, and the Dr. hits pretty hard himself. You’re supposed to be able to run in, throw a Boom’s Doom, and run out while you wait for the cooldown. If you die, try resurrecting on top of the smallest oil drum to Dr. Boom’s right — this can sometimes make him unable to target you. You might have to experiment a bit to find the best place to stand where he won’t aggro.
  4. Go south to find the road, and follow it east and go left at the fork to cross the bridge that leads northeast to Eco-Dome Midrealm. Follow the road to the signpost and take a left to enter the dome and find Midrealm Post:
    1. Talk to Gahruj to turn in quest turn in x20 Request for Assistance, accept quest 20x Rightful Repossession and quest 20xDrijya Needs Your Help. Ask in chat and see if you can find a group for Drijya Needs Your Help while you grab the rest of the quests here.
    2. See Mama Wheeler to turn in quest turn in x20 Help Mama Wheeler, accept quest 20x One Demon’s Trash…
    3. Speak with Mehrdad to accept quest 20x New Opportunities and quest 20x Run a Diagnostic!
    4. Talk to Shauly Pore to accept quest 20x Keeping Up Appearances.
  5. Leave the dome and go south on the road to find Drijya (48, 63.4) and turn in quest turn in x20Drijya Needs Your Help. If you have a group, you can now easily do Drijya’s escort quest quest turn in x20Sabotage the Warp-Gate! You can probably still solo it if you want. Let Drijya go first and get attacked by the mobs, or he won’t help you fight them. When Drijya says “Let’s get outta here”, don’t leave until he does, or you’ll fail the quest.
  6. Southeast of the Eco-Dome lies the Scrap Field (50, 59). Head there by going north on the road, and then taking a right at the signpost. Start killing Mo’arg Doomsmiths and Gan’arg Engineers for In A Scrap With The Legionquest 20xIn A Scrap With The Legion. While there, look for Fel Reaver Part for quest 20xOne Demon’s Trash…Make your way north as you do so.
  7. As you clear north, you’ll pass under a big purple pipeline. Once you do, take a left into the eco-dome and a few meters north you should find the Diagnostic Equipment at (48.2, 55).leveling guide tbc diagnostic equipmentClick on it to get the Diagnostic Results. Kill the rest of what you need for quest 20xIn A Scrap With The Legion and find the rest of the Fel Reaver Part for quest 20xOne Demon’s Trash…
  8. Head into the eco-dome and kill Ripfang Lynx (they hang out in the western side of the dome) for their Ripfang Lynx Pelts to complete Keeping Up Appearances. While doing so , look for the Ivory Bell you need for quest 20xNew Opportunities, they tend to grow near other plants.
  9. Return to Midrealm Post:
    1. Speak with Mama Wheeler (46.6, 56.4) to turn in quest turn in x20  One Demon’s Trash… and accept quest 20x  Declawing Doomclaw.
    2. Talk to Mehrdad (46.4, 56.4) to turn in quest turn in x20 Run a Diagnostic! and quest turn in x20 New Opportunities, accept quest 20x Deal With the Saboteurs.
    3. Talk with Shauly Pore (46.4, 56) to turn in quest turn in x20  Keeping Up Appearances and accept quest 20x The Dynamic Duo.
    4. Speak with Gahruj to turn in quest turn in x20 Sabatoge the Warpgate!
  10. Go north to the center of the eco-dome and kill 8 Barbscale Crocolisks for quest 20x Deal With the Saboteurs.
  11. Leave the dome heading east, and head towards Doomclaw at (50.6, 57.2), who is underneath the pipeline, right before it curves downhill. If you don’t want to fight through mobs, head further east and swing around to approach him from the east. Kill him and grab Doomclaw’s Hand from his corpse.
  12. Go southwest to get back on the road and make your way to Manaforge Duro:
    1. [ALDOR] You’ll need to collect the Sunfury Military Briefing (drops from Sunfury Bowmen and Centurions) and the Sunfury Arcane Briefing (drops from Sunfury Conjurers).
    2. [SCRYER] You need to kill Sunfury ConjurersBowmen, and Centurions for quest 20xKick Them While They’re Down.
    3. While here, look for the Box of Surveying Equipment scattered around the area to complete quest 20xRightful Repossession.
    4. Look for Master Daellis Dawnstrike patrolling west of the manaforge near  (56, 66); kill him to complete quest 20xDown With Daellis.
    5. Once done with that stuff (or while waiting for respawns), it’s the same drill as the other manaforges: Enter (the northeast entrance is less heavily guarded) and head to the the southern part of the building, kill the Overseer (59.8, 68.2), take their Duro Access Crystal and use the console to begin the shutdown, then protect the console.
  13. Leave Manaforge Duro and go east to find Cosmowrench (67, 66). Get the flight path outside, and then enter the town and  speak with Sab’aoth (66.4, 67.2) to accept quest 20x Bloody Imp-ossible!
  14. Leave town and head just a bit north, where you should find plenty of Warp Chasers. Make sure you’re near the Warp Chaser, then use Zeppit’s Crystal and kill the Warp Chaser. If done correctly, the little imp will gather the blood and you’ll receive a Warp Chaser Blood vial. Make sure you’re decently close when the mob dies (no long-ranged mage spells), and you’ll need to wait a few moments for Zeppit to collect the blood, so don’t go running off right after you kill the Warp Chaser. Also note that Zeppit can only drain one at a time, so don’t bother killing a bunch with AoE. Return to Sab’aoth and turn in quest turn in x20 Bloody Imp-ossible! once you’ve collected enough blood.
  15. If you’re really close to Level 70 and lazy, you can skip this step and go west to Midrealm Post. Otherwise, take the bridge west of Manaforge Duro to go south to Kirin’var Village, and see Custodien Dieworth to turn in quest turn in x20 Down with Daellis.
  16. Go north all the way to the Eco-Dome Mideralm to return to Midrealm Post:
    1. Speak with Gahruj to turn in quest turn in x20 Rightful Repossession, accept quest 20x An Audience with the Prince.
    2. Talk to Mama Wheeler to turn in quest turn in x20 Declawing Doomclaw, accept quest 20x Warn Area 52!
    3. See Mehrdad to turn in quest turn in x20 Deal with the Saboteurs, accept quest 20x To the Stormspire.
  17. Hearthstone back to Area 52:
    1. [ALDOR] See Anchorite Karja to turn in quest turn in x20 Shutting Down Manaforge Duro, accept quest 20x Shutting Down Manaforge Ara. Then speak with Exarch Orelis to turn in quest turn in x20 Sunfury Briefings, accept quest 20x Outside Assistance.
    2. [SCRYER] See Spymaster Thalodien to turn in quest turn in x20 Shutting Down Manaforge Duro, accept quest 20x Shutting Down Manaforge Ara. Then speak with Magistrix Larynna to turn in quest turn in x20 Kick Them While They’re Down, accept quest 20x A Defector.
    3. Speak with Rocket-Chief Fuselage to turn in quest turn in x20 Warn Area 52! and accept quest 20x Doctor Vomisa, Ph. T.
    4. See Papa Wheeler to turn in quest turn in x20 In A Scrap With The Legion.
    5. Leave town via the eastern gate, go right and down into the trench to speak with Lead Sapper Blastfizzle, turn in quest turn in x20 Dr. Boom!

You should now be level 70! If you aren’t, you can continue doing the quests in Netherstorm, as there’s still almost half the map to clear. You could also choose to start questing in Shadowmoon Valley if you’re tired of purple, and there’s always the option to do instances.

Extra XP In Netherstorm

Grinding Mobs

The Netherstorm is not a good place to grind mobs for XP, but if you must, try in between Forge Base Gehonna and Forge Base Oblivion (39, 20) — the Terrorguards and Wrathbringers are decently easy to take down — or else the Ethereum Staging Grounds (56, 37).


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