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  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: April 8, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Mod authors have already been hard at work to get addons working for The Burning Crusade Classic. Below we’ve compiled a list of working addons currently working with the beta. These should be considered “in progress” and there may be bugs.

Good addons can go a long way towards making your time in World of Warcraft Classic easier. Whether it’s simple UI addons, or multi-featured raid addons that tell you when to dodge a boss attack, our list should help you find the addon you’re looking for. As of the time of writing, the below-listed mods should work in the TBC Beta. Make sure you’re downloading the Burning Crusade Classic version of these mods, as some of them also have retail versions.

Here are the TBC Classic addons that work in Beta, by category:

All-In-One and Convenience Addons

  • CTMod – This modular addon lets you customize everything from hotbars and buff timers, to statistic recording and an expense history, plus a lot more.
  • Leatrix Plus – This addon provides lots of automation, including some nice features like auto-selling of junk, resizing of chat, and the ability to automatically accept or block a variety of invites/requests.
  • idTweaks – A collection of addons that automates some of the UI, and adds some QoL changes to the minimap, chat, and the rest of the UI.
  • FasterLooting – Just like it sounds! With this addon you can click once to loot a mob without stopping.
  • AutoRoll – Lets you set up automatic need, greed, or pass responses to any loot rolls.

Questing Addons

  • Questie – The classic questing companion works in the TBC Beta! If you want to see where to go for quests instead of reading the description and wandering around, you want this addon. Join the Discord, agree to the rules, and head to the download-beta-questie channel and follow the directions to get started.
  • Wide Quest Log – This neat little addon simply doubles the Quest Log UI window size so you can finally see all your quests at once.
  • TotalQuestXP – This addon has the fantastic ability to let you know how much XP you’re going to gain once you turn in all your currently completable quests. No more getting back to town only to realize you needed to kill a couple more mobs for that next level!

Interface and Inventory Addons

  • Tofu – This neat addon turns the quest dialogue window into a less obtrusive dialogue bubble.
  • WeakAuras2 – A customizable graphical addon that lets you change how auras, cooldowns, totems, and other important info are displayed and indicated.
  • ShestakUI – A modular, all-in-one interface overhaul, this addon attempts to consolidate the UI to make it more streamlined and convey more information. Check it out in action here.
  • Bagnon – This addon includes nice QoL improvements such as a single bag window, highlighting of important items, and a search function for your inventory.
  • ArkInventory – This is another powerful inventory addon that lets you do a lot of sorting of your bags. It also allows you to view all of your inventory at once.
  • TrinketMenuClassic – Like it says on the tin, this addon makes it easier to swap trinkets.
  • VuhDo – This addon displays raid member’s health in an easy to parse way, and also allows you to heal or cast spells on said members via their displayed bars.
  • Elvui – A custom UI with a clean, easy to read interface.

Map and Navigation Addons

  • Atlas Burning Crusade – Ever wish you had maps for instances? Now you can, with the Atlas Mod for Burning Crusade. Atlas maps give the location of NPCs, objects, events, and creatures, as well as providing important info like location, level range, player limit, and more.
  • Leatrix Maps – Hate exploring? Is mystery your misery? This addon lets you reveal the map, among other QoL features. Get Leatrix Maps and make your map more manageable.
  • TomTom – As with Leatrix Maps, this addon is great for anyone who just wants to get to the objective, rather than scour the map for it. TomTom lets you set waypoints and guides you to your destination.

Raid Addons

  • Grid2 – This party/raid unit frame addon is fully customizable, and gives you a ton of information about your party’s statuses. If you don’t want to lose track of who needs what spells cast on them.
  • Attune – This addon consolidates your current attunement progress and displays it to you, and also allows you to upload your attunement info to a website so you can share it with your guild — it even has Discord integration! A must have for those of you who raid frequently.
  • Deadly Boss Mods – This addon will warn you of important boss events, filter and hide stuff based on your role, and auto-respond to whispers while you’re in a boss fight, among many other features. It also auto learns timers in fights, so you can even use it during PTR/Beta encounters!
  • EZDownRank – This classic addon for healers gives you a nice set of buttons that helps you decide what spells to cast on your party members, and then cast them.

Info Addons

  • 5SecondRule – This addon tracks the Five Second Rule, which refers to the 5 seconds needed for mana regen to resume after spending mana. It will then display your next mana tick if you aren’t full mana. Good for knowing when you’ll be able to cast that next spell!
  • SinStats – A moveable stats frame that displays important info like attack power, crit%, and more. Here’s what it looks like!
  • WeaponSwingTimer SixxFix – Gives you the ability to track not only your swing timer, but your target as well. Useful for deciding whether to greed that health pot or not!
  • Modern TargetFrame – This addon gives StatusBar text for health and mana bars, provides a numerical value for Threat indicator, and makes Rare-Elites show the Rare-Elite TargetFrame border.
  • Details! Damage Meter Most powerful, reliable, handsome, damage meter for World of Warcraft.“.
  • Mik Scrolling Battle Text – This addon separates and scrolls incoming and outgoing damage and heals in separate, configurable windows. It also recolors unit names, damage by type, and includes some other nice features too.
  • Extended Character Stats – Ever wanted to know how fast your character moves, or what your dodge chance is? Get this addon and you won’t have to wonder anymore.

Miscellaneous Addons

  • Prat 3.0 – A powerful and feature-rich chat addon that lets you filter spam, alert scroll speed, add player colors, and a whole lot more.
  • Leatrix Sounds – Maybe you want to make a TBC YouTube video, but don’t want to manually capture a specific sound, or maybe you just want to spam Thrall’s voicelines in your Discord. As a sound browser that includes a search function, this addon has you covered.
  • Plater Nameplates – This addon lets you modify nameplates in a wide variety of ways, and also includes debuff tracking and threat coloring.
  • RippyFont – This addon alters the in game font, check out this screenshot to see if it’s to your liking.
  • RippyPortraits – This addon alters the portraits significantly, as you can see here.
  • CraftPresence – If you and your Discord buddies have trouble figuring out which realm to get onto, this addon is for you. CraftPresence lets you display tons of different info about how you’re playing WoW via Discord.
  • SurroundFix – Flight-sim setup users rejoice! If for some reason you really want to play the TBC Beta stretched across 3 monitors, now you can.

Please let us know if we’re missing a useful addon that currently works in the TBC Beta!

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Chris Baggett
Chris Baggett
15 days ago

Move tool tip works

6 days ago

Do we know if tukui and Elvui are in progress for TBC?

Reply to  DanielD
2 days ago

Indeed it works, I’m using it.

5 days ago


5 days ago

AutoRoll (Classic)

All of the above work 🙂

5 days ago

The following three addons work (source: I’m the author):

“AutoRoll (Classic)”

What kills most addons is a change in the API where functions to create “backdrops” and “backdrop colors” have been remove. To fix it, developers have to create frames that extend the BackdropTemplateMixin and “BackdropTemplate”, then the old functions work again. See below for an example:


local frame = CreateFrame("EditBox", name, parent)


local frame = CreateFrame("EditBox", name, parent, BackdropTemplateMixin and "BackdropTemplate")
5 days ago

What about TotemTimer?

4 days ago


Elvui for TBC beta seems to be working for me on the beta.

William King
William King
4 days ago

I clicked the link on Discord for download of Questie TBC Beta and my Malwarebytes browser blocker flagged as malware. Has anyone had any problems with it after download or have any reason not to trust it?

Reply to  William King
4 days ago

I haven’t had any issues with it. It wasn’t flagged as malware or a virus through my installation process or after running the security scans on my computer through my anti-virus program.

William King
William King
Reply to  Kurathis
3 days ago

Thanks. I just downloaded it and it works fine.

Reply to  William King
3 days ago

Happy to hear it!

4 days ago

did anyone manage to make modern targetframe work? from what i can tell its configured just as it does in classic but it wont show the numeric value of health bars in the beta (downloaded the most recetn version updated at april 22nd)

Todor Petrov
2 days ago

I always use Carbonite as it has everything needed from quest helper, scrollable map and minimap and custom markers on it, works with Gatherer an other similar addons to show Mines and Herbs locations

1 day ago

There’s some issues with this list. The link for CraftPresence is incorrect (linking to SurrroundFix instead). Mik Scrolling Battle Text links to the Curse version which only really works with retail. A working Clasic version, “MikScrollingBattleText Classic (quickfix)”, is hosted on wowinterface.com. To my knowledge, there is no TBC Classic version.

Dyslectic Loot Priority appears to be a fork of Angry Assignments made by a random guild. There’s no documentation on how to use it. In fact the developers don’t appear to intend it to be used by anyone else.
Regarding CraftPresence, there are potential ToS issues with that addon as it fascinates communication between WoW and Discord. Blizzard generally does not allow such things. Installation of the addon itself may not warrant any actions, but setting up the Python portion of it could potentially get you banned. Given this and its non-trivial setup, it probably should not be included in a list such as this.

22 hours ago


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