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  • Author: Taladril
  • Date: August 31, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

The group finder is one of the most controversial features added to WoW and like it or not it’s going to be added to the game in the next patch. Blizzard has released more information for how the tool will work and you can read directly below.


You can access the interface with “I” by default. When it opens up you can choose to either to start a group to look for more players or to look for groups that are already being formed by others. You can easily switch back and forth between the two with tabs.


LFG mode allows you to list up to three separate activities. You can choose options like dungeons, raids, zones (for questing), heroics, battlegrounds, or even arena. Once you’ve selected the option you can add a comment to describe what you’d like if you want and then you can list yourself to be shown to others. If you want to change your listing after posting you can edit it and click the “Update” button. You can list yourself even if you are in a current BG or arena queue.


LFM mode is similar to LFG in how you can list for specific activities. However since it’s for a specific event only one activity can be chosen at once. Choosing the event will show a list of people who are currently set for LFG for the event you are looking for. Zone, level, and detailed member information is shown to you and from there you can select the person and click on them to invite or to send a message. From there you can build the party as you see fit and tackle any challenge in game.

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Part of being in a stalwart band of adventurers is assembling that stalwart band in the first place. Need more heroes to round out your raid group? Looking for more to complete a Normal or Heroic Dungeon, or need help finding like-minded players for a tough group quest? If so, we have a feature just for you!

In Overlords of Outland, the classic Looking for Group interface received some behind the scenes improvements. While we’ve kept the look and feel you’re familiar with, these improvements should make it even better than you remember with more activities available, group listings, and more. Get back on track and find adventuring companions, hero.



Just like in the original release of The Burning Crusade, the Looking for Group interface (default hotkey: I) can be accessed through a new icon on your action bar, next to the Social button. This will open a window that prompts you to indicate whether you want to start a group or join one that’s already in the process of being assembled. Depending on your selection, either the “Looking for Group” or the “Looking for More” interface appears next. Both interfaces have tabs at the bottom that let you easily switch between the two.


This time the Looking for Group tab allows both solo players and parties to list themselves for up to three activities of their choosing, unlike the original tool that was only usable by solo players, t. You can select activities like Dungeons, Raids, Zones (for group questing), Heroic Dungeons, Battlegrounds, and Arena.

Once you’ve decided which activities you want to sign up for, enter a comment if desired (for example to inform other players what spec/roles you can fulfill), and click the “List Self” button to be listed in the Looking for More interface. Only players in your realm and faction will be able to see your listing, and activities for a listing can be updated after it is created by making any changes and clicking “Update” in the interface. Last but not least, you can list yourself for activities even while in a queue for a Battleground or Arena.



The Looking for More tab allows a solo player or partial group to browse for additional members to complete a group. Select your desired activity from the drop-down menus (for example if you need a few more players to round out your Karazhan run, select “Raid” and then “Karazhan”) to see players who have listed themselves for that activity. Zone, level, and detailed party member information are included in there for you as well.

From there the group leader can click on a player’s name to invite them to the group or send them a message. You can also click “Refresh” to browse new player listings.


These changes and more await you in Overlords of Outland, and we hope you’ll have an easier time finding like-minded players to take on Kael’thas and Lady Vashj. Good luck, and happy grouping!

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