Blizzard Responds Regarding Missing Season 3 PvP Mounts – TBC Classic

blizzard responds regarding missing season 3 pvp mounts tbc classic

PvP mounts are typically sent out to eligible players 2 weeks after a PvP season is over. It has been 18 days since season 3 ended however, and the mounts have not yet been sent out, causing players to be understandably worried — but thankfully, Kaivax has arrived to ease player concerns.

Specifically, Kaivax clarified that Blizzard expects the mounts to be sent out following next week’s weekly reset, meaning Tuesday, May 24 for NA servers and Wednesday, May 25 for EU servers. Additionally, he specified that the mounts stay in a player’s mailbox for 24 hours after they login — so if you’re unable to login for the coming week, you don’t need to worry about your gladiator mount having disappeared from your mailbox, the timer only starts once you log on.

Congratulations to all the players who made the cut for Gladiator, enjoy your cool new mounts!

Kaivax – (Source)


Yes. We expect this round of rewards to go out to recipients following the weekly reset next week.

But players don’t tend to miss them, because the 24 hours starts when the recipient comes online. If you’re receiving a mount and you’re out of town until June, you can log in when you return and that’s when the 24-hour timer begins.

Congratulations to those receiving awards!

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