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  • Author: Pride
  • Date: June 22, 2022
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Boosting took off in popularity during Classic, greatly distorting the economy. Blizzard thus heavily nerfed boosting in the Season of Mastery version of Classic, taking several measures to discourage players from AoE farming low level dungeons for gold and experience. TBC was not as AoE-prone and thus boosting was somewhat less lucrative, in large part due to the damage cap for AoE abilities.

However, if you’re on a medium to larger server, you’ve doubtlessly seen that it’s still very much a thing — with global chat channels, such as Trade, LookingForGroup and World being filled almost entirely with boosting advertisements. Several dungeons, such as Scarlet Monastery, Straholme and the Slave Pens, are still very lucrative for boosting, and

Blizzard adopting a “better late than never” policy decided to finally address this issue, with Kaivax announcing that at the same time as the 50% experience buff “Joyous Journeys”, TBC dungeons will be receiving the same mechanics as Season of Mastery, effectively putting a stop to boosting. Additionally, WotLK dungeons will also have these mechanics when WotLK Classic finally launches. These are the specific mechanics that Blizzard applied in Season of Mastery:

  • Having a significantly higher level player in the group significantly reduces the experience that everyone in the group receives.
  • Dungeon monsters become immune to slow effects 30 seconds after being engaged and immune to roots 30 seconds after that.
  • Some specific monsters will additionally get a movement speed buff 30 seconds after their root immunity kicks in, in instances where the terrain permits players to kite them without slows and roots.

Kaivax also reminded players that spamming boosting services outside of the Trade channel is against the Terms of Service, encouraging players to report those who spam other chat channels. Here’s hoping Blizzard will actually take those reports seriously, because most public chat channels are practically unusable on larger servers, due to boosting advertisements.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Are you happy that Blizzard is finally taking action regarding boosting? Do you think it’s too late? Or would you prefer that they kept things as is? Let us know in the comments below!

Kaivax – (Source)

One of the most common pieces of feedback we’ve received (and observed ourselves in our own adventures) is the concern about pervasive sales of dungeon boosting services in-game. It often overpowers chat with advertisements and makes certain channels hard to use for their intended purpose.

It’s also no secret that the gold from many boosting groups is used for illicit activities such as Real-Money Trading (RMT), as much of the gold that players pay to boosters is then sold for real money back to other players.

Now that we’ve seen the final major content release of Burning Crusade Classic, we will soon adjust the behavior of creatures in most dungeons (including the new dungeons coming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic) to make it significantly more difficult to endlessly snare and kite enemies. Additionally, we will implement a reduction to group XP earned when there is large disparity between player levels in the same group.

We’ve experimented with similar changes to most dungeons on our Season of Mastery servers, and we’ve found these changes to be very effective at reducing the efficiency of boosting groups. We plan to roll out these adjustments to Burning Crusade Classic realms at the same time as the Joyous Journeys XP buff 705, which should happen sometime in the next several weeks. Stay tuned for more information about that and when you can expect to see these changes hit live servers.

This is also a good opportunity to remind everyone that spamming chat channels with advertisements for boosting services outside of dedicated Trade channels is against the Terms of Service, and you should take every opportunity to report players that you see advertising for boosting services in channels such as General and Looking For Group.

We’re really looking forward to players joining us very soon in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Beta, and hope to be able to share more about that very very soon as well!

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11 days ago

They could fix these problems by being harsher on gold buying, and better at detecting it. Now I can’t even boost guildies for free. Thanks.

10 days ago

This is stupid. I played retail and had everychar on the highest level until pandaria. Now I play classic and have already 5 70 chars. So why tf should I level and grind like a jerk this content over and over again, thats stupid to me. Boosting is the only way I can save my time.

Reply to  Dan
10 days ago


Reply to  Dan
5 days ago

Yeah this is only way we can save our time with getting boost at least for some hours

17 hours ago

instead of punishing the folks selling gold for cash, they decided to punish everyone else..
looks like my mage i was leveling to be able to farm mats / gold for crafting etc will be a dedicated portal service provided i keep playing. i stopped playing the original WoW right at WotLK roll out. depending on how badly the dungeons are nerffed, perhaps history repeats itself.

9 days ago

Now maybe there will be an economy for lower level dungeons as people level up. Great news. Sure people will be upset because they’ve ingrained in themselves that everything MUST BE MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY. Oh well.

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