tbc hotfixes july 6, 2021 quest and dungeon fixes
  • Author: Taladril
  • Date: July 7, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

We got a couple small hotfixes today. Three dungeon quests can now be completed in Heroic dungeon mode as well as regular: Tear of the Earthmother, The Lexicon Demonica, and Underworld Loam. There was also a mechanics fix for Warchief Kargath Bladefist in Shattered Halls where he wouldn’t always cast Blade Dance. Stay tuned for more hotfixes down the line!

Linxy-1130 – (Source)

Here are today’s hotfixes for Burning Crusade Classic.

JULY 6, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • “Tear of the Earthmother”, “The Lexicon Demonica”, and “Underworld Loam” quests can now be completed on Heroic dungeon difficulty.
  • The Shattered Halls
    • Fixed an issue where Warchief Kargath Bladefist would not cast Blade Dance in certain situations.

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