A Look At The Dragon Isles – The New Zone of World of Warcraft Expansion Dragonflight

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The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Dragonflight was announced today, and we were given a fairly detailed look at the new race-and-class, system updates, and the expansion itself. The Dragon Isles have finally been unshrouded, and the mythical home of the five Dragonflights will soon be open for players to explore. These zones promise sweeping vistas and dramatic elevation changes, and the new views should be some of WoW’s most epic yet, thanks to the game’s engineers: they’ve improved the engine, allowing players to see further in the new expansion.

This upgrade couldn’t come at a better time, given the grand scenery of the Dragon Isles — let’s take a look at all four new zones.

wow dragonflight zones waking isles
Waking Shores

The Waking Shores is where you’ll land upon finishing your sea journey to the Dragon Isles. In fact, you’ll sail through this area as you approach the isles, taking in the ancient architecture. It won’t always be a peaceful journey, however — the Horde and Alliance boats will come into port side by side, and players with War Mode turned on will be able to jump onto the opposing factions boat and start wreaking havoc. The Waking Shores are also the home of both the Red Dragonflight and the Black Dragonflight. You’ll find the enemies of the Black Dragonflight, the Djaradin, here as well — and ducks!

wow dragonflight zones ohnaran plains v2
Ohn’ahran Plains

The Ohn’ahran Plains will be the second zone players will adventure through. These plains are named for Ohn’ahra, the wild god of the wind who guided the centaurs to the Dragon Isles so long ago. On the plains, you’ll see centaurs hunting protodragons (and even get a chance to join them on their hunt). As the first outsiders to come to the isles in many years, you’ll need to navigate the complex society of the centaurs in order to make your way safely across the plains.

wow dragonflight zones azure span
Azure Span

The Azure Span is the third zone of the Dragon Isles, and features the most dramatic elevation changes in the expansion. The Grizzy Hills from WotLK and the redwood trees of the San Fransisco Bay area were both inspirations for this zone, which features a number of distinct sections. You’ll go through dense forest, and then onto spacious tundra, before going even higher to find frozen waterfalls and rivers of ice. The Azure Span is home to a variety of gnolls, as well as the Tuskarrr, who will see their lore fleshed out (and their models improved). The Blue Dragonflight also makes its home here, and Kalecgos’s story will feature prominently in this area’s questing.

wow dragonflight zones thaldraszus

The fourth and final zone of the Dragon Isles is Thaldraszus. In contrast to the ruins scattered around the rest of the isle, the buildings here will be pristine — it’s the seat of power for all five dragonflights (and they like to live in style, presumably). It sounds like each dragonflight will have its own unique area, with quests related to each dragonflight’s magic and mandate. Additionally, this zone is where you’ll find Tyrhold, the city that features the giant aqueducts seen in the expansion’s reveal cinematic. There are also caves to explore, where you might even find a dragon hoard or two!

Importantly, Thaldraszus is where the main city and hub for the region, Valdrakon, will be located. This city’s different districts and locations area are all associated with specific dragonflights, and represent the mandate of the dragonflight that created it; the Green and Red dragonflights have gardens, while the Blue dragonflight host a library. There will be an auction house as well, along with other convenience services for players.

Excited to sail to the Dragon Isles? Have a favorite zone already? Let us know in the comments!

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