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In today’s reveal, blizzard announced a new race-and-class coming to World of Warcraft: the Dracthyr Evoker. Unlike previously introduced races and classes, the Dracthyr race will only be able to play as the Evoker class, and the Evoker class will also be exclusive to the Dracthyr race.

The Dracthyr race will function similarly to Worgens in that they will be able to choose between a humanoid and a draconic form. While it’s not yet clear whether entering combat will force the player to transform, players will be able to customize both the draconic and humanoid forms.

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Additionally, similarly to the Pandaren race, the Dracthyr will be able to freely choose their path: Horde or the Alliance.

The Evoker class that’s tied to the Dracthyr race is a new mail-wearing class that uses the magic from all 5 aspects, and has access to two specializations:

  • Devastation: Ranged damage dealing specialization focused more around Red and Blue magic. Red Magic being fast and explosive, and Blue Magic for more focused, single target attacks.
  • Preservation: Healing specialization focused around the use of Green and Bronze Magic. Green Magic will be focused on healing and restoring the health of your allies, while the Bronze Magic will gives access to weaker but faster spells.

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Both of these specializations will be able to use the new Empower mechanic. Instead of just casting a spell by clicking on it once or pressing the it’s keybind, players will be able to charge those spells and release them at different intervals for new effects such as higher damage or a higher amount of targets affected.

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Lastly, the Dracthyr being a hero class they will begin their journey level 58, so a brand new starting experience will help them learn how to use their new abilities before venturing forth.

Don’t hesitate to opt-in for a chance to try the new expansion early, here.

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