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A little over a month ago, Blizzard announced the creation of a World of Warcraft Community Council, that would aim to improve the collection of feedback from a wide range of players. While anyone could apply to be part of it, only a handful of players would be picked.
While there have been other private means of communication between a select few players and the developers in the past, the difference with the Community Council forum is that while not everyone can post there, the forum is public, meaning that anyone can read what’s being posted.

Now, the Community Council forum is finally open, and players whose applications have been accepted can already start posting feedback. The invitations will still be going out for a few more days, but whether you applied or not, you can already visit the forum here.

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Long time World of Warcraft player, I'm always looking for new music to listen to, and weird facts and news to share with friends. I mostly play retail World of Warcraft nowadays, with some occasional Hunt, League of Legends, and Dead by Daylight.

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