Mists of Pandaria Remix Hotfixes for May 28: Rebalancing for Gulp Frogs

Mists of Pandaria Remix Hotfixes for May 28: Rebalancing for Gulp Frogs

Blizzard posted a list of hotfixes for the Mists of Pandaria Remix today that apparently went out on Friday, before the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the US, and were not posted at the time.

There are three new quests in the game that will grant characters extra Bronze at level 50, 60, and 70. These quests are only accessible to characters who did not take advantage of the (in)famouse Gulp Frog farm before it was fixed a few days after launch. Players who did kill a lot of Gulp Frogs during that period may notice that their Cloak of Infinite Potential has been changed.

There are also a few hotfixes included for Dragonflight, including some changes to the Priest’s Thoughtsteal ability. You can see the complete list below.

Kaivax – (Source)

May 28, 2024

Player versus Player

  • Priest
    • Thoughtsteal can no longer be canceled.
    • Thoughtsteal no longer causes the casting Priest to learn a spell they already know (example: a Shadow Priest stealing Vampiric Touch from another Shadow Priest). The target of the Thoughtsteal still loses access to the stolen ability.
    • Developers’ notes: These changes resolve an issue where Priests could lose access to existing abilities after casting Thoughtsteal.


  • Verdisa did not realize she was sitting on an important location for the quest “Forget Her Not” and has moved a few feet away.

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • On Friday, May 24, the following changes were deployed:
    • There are now three new quests that grant Bronze to player-characters upon reaching levels 50, 60, and 70.
    • The new quests are only available to player-characters who did not kill many Gulp Frogs during the first three days of the event.
    • Player-characters who killed many Gulp Frogs during the first days of the event have been modified. The power of their Cloak of Infinite Potential was reduced to an amount that a very engaged player could reasonably achieve.

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