Sire Denathrius Castle Nathria Lfr Wing 4

With the recent unlock Raid Finder Wing 4, you can finally take down Sire Denathrius, freeing Revendreth from his grasp and earning yourself drops and a healthy chunk of Anima in the process. Potential loot from defeating Denathrius include iLvl 197 gear, Legendary Power recipes, weapon tokens, and up to 2500 Reservoir AnimaAnima (if you complete follow-up quests). Read on to see loot drop tables, and how to get all 2500 Reservoir AnimaAnima.

Note that you’ll need to be at item level 170 or higher to queue for Castle Nathria LFR. Also, don’t forget to pick up the Quest IconReplenish the Reservoir quest at your Covenant Sanctum before you queue, if you haven’t earned your 1000 Anima for that quest yet this week.

How to Get All 2500 Anima From Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR

The first time you defeat Sire Denathrius on any difficulty, you’ll earn RemorniaRemornia, which starts the Quest IconRedemption for the Redeemer quest — all you have to do to complete this quest is bring Remornia to General Draven in Sinfall. You’ll receive 5 Collected TitheCollected Tithe, granting you a total of 1250 Anima upon use.

For the other 1250 Anima, you’ll need to have already unlocked the Twisting Corridors, in addition to defeating Sire Denathrius. If these conditions are met, there will be a new questline available from Highlord Bolvar Fordragon that requires only that you interact with a few NPCs:

  1. Quest IconAn Echo in the Darkness
  2. Quest IconThe Highlord’s Vision
  3. Quest IconA Mourneblade Born
  4. Quest IconThe Jailer’s Grasp

Completing Quest IconThe Jailer’s Grasp rewards you with 5 Multi Modal Anima ContainerMulti-Modal Anima Containers, for another 1250 Reservoir AnimaAnima.

Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR Loot

Sire Denathrius Gear Drops

Sire Denathrius can drop a variety of iLvl 207 Armor and Trinkets:

Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR Drops – Weapon Tokens

Both the Stone Guard Generals and Sire Denathrius can drop 4 different ilvl 194 weapon tokens, which you can bring to your Covenant weapon quartermasters to convert them to actual weapons. Each token is only redeemable by 3 classes, as listed below.

The weapons you can get with these tokens is Covenant dependent, and can be redeemed at your Covenant’s Weapons Quartermaster:

  • Kyrian: Kelli Hoo
  • Necrolord: Melissa Fate
  • Night Fae: Sparklebreeze
  • Venthyr: Solivane

Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR Drops – Legendary Memories

There is one legendary memory drop for a specific spec of each class in LFR Wing 4 of Castle Nathria:

We hope this guide was helpful! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or if there’s something we missed.

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