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Hidden Nerf to Taurens in The Burning Crusade [PvP/Arena]

May 18, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the commentary and replies about this. I wanted to take a quick second to point you all to the Not A Bug list and a comment I posted there on this issue:

  • Large and small character models have slight differences in their combat reach, accurate to the original experience and distances.
    • Developers’ notes: It has been widely reported during the Burning Crusade Classic beta that Tauren have lost their “combat reach” in Arena specifically. This is not the case. While moving, Tauren may hit other Tauren through the widest point in the pillar in the Ring of Trials arena in Nagrand. This behavior is identical to the original functionality in The Burning Crusade.

While this is accurate, there is currently an issue that we are aware of that causes hitboxes, particularly Tauren hitboxes, to change size after being affected by polymorph effects until the affected character logs out of the game. We are going to work on a fix for this ahead of the launch of Burning Crusade Classic and the start of the first Arena season, but that would definitely explain some of what has been noted here.

Thanks for the commentary here and everyone’s reports so far in the Burning Crusade Classic beta!

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