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Nature Resist Gear is Here

Nov 3, 2020

With a hotfix that was deployed earlier today, the original WoW 1.11 Nature Resist gear is now obtainable in WoW Classic:

Item Source Type
Bramblewood Belt Leatherworking Leather
Bramblewood Boots Leatherworking Leather
Bramblewood Helm Leatherworking Leather
Ironvine Belt Blacksmithing Plate
Ironvine Gloves Blacksmithing Plate
Ironvine Breastplate Blacksmithing Plate
Sylvan Shoulders Tailoring Cloth
Sylvan Crown Tailoring Cloth
Sylvan Vest Tailoring Cloth
Gaea’s Embrace Tailoring Cloak
Savage Guard Quest Head/Leg Enchant
Band of Cenarius Quest Ring


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