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Gong Ringing Soon on Some Realms

Aug 4, 2020


Since the Ahn’Qiraj content went live with the last weekly reset, we’ve been closely following the progress made by players on every realm. In particular, we’re looking forward to the ringing of the gong on the four realms in this region that have completed their War Effort and will see supplies delivered to Silithus by the time of the weekly raid reset tomorrow:

  • Golemagg
  • Firemaw
  • Mograine
  • Earthshaker

They are listed above in the order that they completed turn-ins, which began the 120-hour-long process of transporting supplies.

We expect that players will begin ringing the gong on those realms soon after the weekly reset tomorrow, and that will begin the 10 Hour War, during which additional players who meet the requirements to do so may also ring the gong. At the end of the 10 Hour War, the 20- and 40-person raids will open on those realms.

We also expect that Silithus is going to be a packed house on those realms, and players who are below level 60 will be the first to be ported out. We’ll be looking for streamers who are participating on each of them, so please feel free to reply here if you spot a good stream for everyone to watch.

Good luck to everyone who’s trying to be the first to Bang A Gong!

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