invisibility and mind soothe strategies for m+ becoming limited in dragonflight

It seems that Blizzard has been taking a stance on what was essentially becoming “mandatory” skips in quite a few dungeons. This is nothing new, especially at the high end of key pushing, but it often can trickle down to even low-mid keys and cause some friction among pugs who may not be up to date on the new routes or feel it unnecessary.

A lot of mobs have opened their third eye and gained true sight, making invisibility strategies either more difficult to pull off or plain not viable. That seems to be a main design choice this expansion, though, and a big change incoming here is that any mob with true sight will no longer be able to be Mind Soothed by a Priest. This will potentially reduce friction and make things more straight forward for low-mid keys, as well as open up the team comps for the high-end keys quite a bit without Priests being a requirement for efficient routes.

Read on for the original statement by Kaivax.

Kaivax – (Source)

Today, we’re deploying a hotfix that will do this.

Going forward, creatures that detect stealth and invisibility will be immune to the effects of Mind Soothe. They will now return an immune message, but should not put the Priest into combat.

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