New Battleground Coming in The War Within

wow the war within new battleground blizzcon

It’s been quite a BlizzCon, with plenty of announcements for the next expansion, The War Within. Most of it was PVE content, but we did get to see something new for PVP: a long-awaited new battleground map.

This new map is currently planned as a 10v10 battleground, and is set in The Ringing Deeps, one of the new zones in the expansion. Ion Hazzikostas said that if the Battleground Blitz Brawl experiment goes well in 10.2, we may see this map as an 8v8 as well.

The map is similar to Silvershard Mines, but with a mirrored layout. Each team has a single minecart that they must push across the map to collect resources. Meanwhile, they must also fight over a central control point that can completely change the momentum of the game.

Hazzikostas says the dev team feels it has been too long since they added a new map and plans to add more in the near future, calling battlegrounds “an essential part of the game.”

You can see the current version of the map below. The map won’t be cleaned up until the layout is finalized, so it’s still very rough.

wow the war within new battleground blizzcon map

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