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  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: November 4, 2023
  • Updated: November 4, 2023
  • Expansion: World of Warcraft

The heart of the world calls to the heroes of Azeroth, a radiant song calling Horde and Alliance alike to investigate the darkness gathering beneath the Isle of Dorn. Yet the path to the core of Azeroth is not an easy one, and players will have to make their way through four new zones in The War Within.

The new zones for The War Within on the continent Khaz Algar are:

  • Azj-Kahet
  • Isle of Dorn
  • The Ringing Deeps
  • Hallowfall

Isle of Dorn

This region encompasses the surface of Khaz Algar. A lush, verdant paradise, the Isle of Dorn is also the source of the Cinder Bruni, manufactured from the molten honey of enormous, fiery bees. Not all of the isle is green meadows and flowers, however: the Roost at Stormwatch is the home of wild elemental rooks, and their home features fierce winds and lightning-wreathed peaks.

The Isle of Dorn is where you’ll find the surface-dwelling Earthen of Khaz Algar. The Oathsworn live in a great walled city, still serving the edicts of the Titans. The Unbound live near their old laboring grounds, though the places they once worked are in disrepair.

The Ringing Deeps

Beneath the Isle of Dorn lies the Ringing Deeps, where the Earthen work in their underground foundries and maintain immense Titan mechanisms. Some parts of the Deeps are exposed to the sky, causing plants and above-ground creatures to make their way into the Ringing Deeps. The Machinespeaker Earthen that work in the Deeps have to content with pesky Kobold invaders, led by The Candle King.


Deeper still, beneath the Ringing Deeps, is Hallowfall, bordered by an endless underground sea. The Arathi live here beneath the glow of an enormous crystal, fighting for their survival against the encroaching Nerubians. Arathi airships travel between Hallowfall’s plateaus, connecting the scattered settlements that attempt to spread the Holy Flame. The Hallowfall cavern is so immense, it will be hard to remember at times that you’re deep beneath the surface of the island. The crystal provides light enough for plants and animals alike, although in recent years the crystal has started going dark at times — no doubt one of the problems the heroes of Azeroth will need to solve.


In the deepest depths of of Khaz Algar is the Nerubian City of Threads, Azj-Kahet. This ancient dwelling of the Nerubians has been built upon its own ruins, causing the city to grow ever higher with each new district. This allows for the wealthiest and most favored subjects of the Nerubian queen to command prized locations at the city’s highest reaches. Azj-Kahet is home not only to Nerubians, but a wide variety of domesticated insects that serve as beasts of burdens and pets.

We learned about just a few of the many districts of Azj-Kahet: The Burrows house the Forgotten, scavengers who live in filth; The Umbral Bazaar serves as a trading hub, where fine silks and alchemical magic can be found; The Skein is where the Lorekeepers, Nerubian scholars, pore over ancient tomes, researching long-lost stories and ensuring their own people’s history is not forgotten. There are also areas home to non-Nerubians, creatures who have managed to find a way to coexist with the generally-threatening spider-folk of Azj-Kahet.

To traverse the Nerubian lands without trouble will require “skill and the use of pheromones… and considerable bravery”. Apparently, the Nerubians are collecting the Black Blood of the Old Gods for some (no doubt nefarious) purpose, so finding a way to safely brave Azj-Kahet seems like a must-do for any would-be saviors of the Heart of the World.

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