Interface Changes in The War Within: New Spellbook Layout and Quest Icons

blizzcon the war within ui update spellbook

Along with the many bigger features that were announced for the new expansion, The War Within, at BlizzCon this weekend, there are some new updates that will be coming to the UI.

The game saw a major interface overhaul with Dragonflight, and the developers are looking to continue to improve upon the interface, albeit in smaller pieces. Among other things, they want to start making use of the space on larger monitors. The nearly-20-year-old game was originally designed for much smaller screens, and that’s still obvious in some places.

There will be an overhaul of the Spellbook, which will now more closely resemble an actual book, with two pages instead of just one. The pages are much larger, so you won’t need to flip through more than a page or two to see all of your abilities. On top of that, the Talents and Specialization windows are being combined into the Spellbook as tabs on the bottom, putting all of your character build elements in one place.

The dev team is also making some minor improvements to the quest log and window, adding several filters to help you show or hide objectives. There will also be changes to quest icons to make it easier to differentiate between daily and weekly quests without relying on shades of color, which is a color blindness issue.

blizzcon the war within ui updates quests

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