Equipment, Abilities, and Features in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Timerunning

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As we said in our article about the loot and rewards in the of Pandaria Remix, the new Timerunning feature coming in Patch 10.2.7 will bring a completely new way to experience the Mists of Pandaria expansion, different from how it may work if we ever see the expansion in WoW Classic.

You won’t be playing the expansion exactly as it was at launch. Instead, you’ll be experiencing the content within the current version of the game and from the perspective of a modern World of Warcraft character. Let’s take a look at exactly what that entails.

Interface and Tools

You’ll have access to the entire modern World of Warcraft interface in the Pandaria Remix, including the fully customizable HUD, your Collections window (except for the Heirlooms tab), and the Dungeon Journal. You’ll also have access to all of the same social features. You can join your regular Guild and Communities just like you can in Dragonflight. Remix characters will have an hourglass symbol beside their name in the chat window.


As mentioned above, you’ll be able to access your entire Collections window from retail World of Warcraft, with the exception of Heirlooms. You will not be able to view the Heirlooms tab or use any Heirloom items in the Remix. However, you will have immediate access to all of your Toys, Appearances, and Mounts – including your Dragonriding mounts, which will work in the Remix just like they would anywhere else. You’ll even encounter a (skippable) Dragonriding tutorial shortly after you arrive in Pandaria.

Character Customization

Character creation in the Pandaria Remix looks the same as it does in Dragonflight, and you’ll have all of the same options available, including classes that have been added to the game since Mists of Pandaria and all of your unlocked Allied Races. The game will prompt you when you try to create a character, asking whether you want to create a Standard or Timerunner character. Timerunner characters will start at level 10 and will be confined to the Remix. Standard characters will be unable to access the Remix.

Talents and Abilities

Your character’s talents and abilities will also be exactly the same as they would be in Dragonflight. You won’t be playing an actual expansion-era character like you would in WoW Classic. Your character is instead a time traveler from the current version of the game. You’ll get new abilities automatically at the same levels as you would in Dragonflight. You’ll also be using the same, current versions of the talent trees.

Gear and Equipment

All of the original loot and quest rewards in Pandaria have been replaced with new items. Your character will acquire new pieces of gear and special gems to put in them by completing quests, killing enemies, and participating in various activities. The new gems will enable the use of some very unique abilities, in some cases giving access to an iconic ability from another class, like the Mage’s Blink or Rogue’s Vanish. You’ll also be acquiring Threads, special items that will automatically be absorbed by your Cloak of Infinite Potential. This special artifact cloak is shared across your characters, including all of its upgrades.

Gear pieces can be upgraded at the Infinite Bazaar, where you’ll find a vendor who will upgrade items in exchange for the new event-specific currency, Bronze. This system is very similar to the gear upgrade system in Dragonflight.

No Auction House

You won’t be able to access the standard Auction House in the Remix. That means you’ll only have access to items that are available inside the Remix. It will also limit your ability to make gold outside of completing quests and looting mobs.

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