New Loot, Rewards, and Achievements in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Timerunning

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The big feature in Patch 10.2.7 is called a “Remix” for a reason. You won’t be playing through the Mists of Pandaria expansion as it was when it released, nor will you be playing it exactly as you would in the current Dragonflight expansion. The Remix is something new, allowing you to experience all of the content from the MoP expansion – quests, dungeons, scenarios, and raids – but with a completely new set of rewards and achievements, and from the perspective of a modern World of Warcraft character with all of the quality of life features, collections, and abilities that are available in the game today.

Loot and Quest Rewards

Almost every quest you complete in the Remix will have its original quest rewards replaced with a Cache of Infinite Treasure. Opening these little boxes will net you all sorts of new items that have been added specifically for the Remix. You may get new pieces of gear, new gems, new consumable items, and most of all, Bronze. Bronze is the currency of the Infinite Dragonflight, and you’ll be collecting it to purchase everything from gear upgrades to new mounts and toys. Enemy loot tables have also been largely overwritten with the same items, including Bronze.

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To emphasize that this is a completely new approach to the content, Blizzard has added an entire new section to the Achievements pane for Pandaria: Remix. This includes Quests, Reputation, Exploration, Scenarios, Dungeons, and Raids achievements which must all be completed within the Remix version of the expansion, separately from the existing Mists of Pandaria achievements. Some of these achievements offer new rewards such as mounts, titles, or toys. The majority of them award varying amounts of Bronze, which you can use to purchase other rewards from the event vendor.

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The event vendor can be found on the Timeless Isle, where you begin your adventure. He sells several new toys and mounts in exchange for Bronze, which you’ll accumulate from just about every activity in the Remix. You’ll therefore collect plenty of Bronze as you progress through the content, and there’s lots of content to acquire it from – an entire expansion’s worth. But there are also plenty of items to spend it on!

pandaria remix rewards

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