legion time walking event weekly

This week players can step back into some Legion dungeons during the Legion Timewalking event! One of the highlights of the event allows players to pick up a quest from Kazra in Valdrakken tasking them to complete five Timewalking dungeons – the reward is Normal Vault of the Incarnates gear (with the exception of tier). Some players might already be over doing Court of Stars this season – maybe group up for one of the other five dungeons available instead to give yourself a nice break from a current mythic+ dungeon!

On top of the Timewalking dungeon quest, players get 50% bonus repuation with Legion factions while doing Legion content, and can visit Legion Timewalking transmog vendors located in Dalaran!

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Hi, my name is Metasaber, but I often go by Meta in-game. I have been playing WoW on and off for over a decade. Upon my return to Shadowlands, I became increasingly interested in Raiding and Mythic+. I have mained Ret Paladin for the majority of the expansion, but have started to explore other classes/specs to play in M+ the past couple of seasons. My recent hobbies outside of WoW are exploring new games for the GameCube and Hiking!

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11 days ago

I can queue and run the timewalking dungeons, but no weekly quest to get a chest for doing five dungeons (no I didn’t do it already). Do you know why that would be?

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