simple marksmanship hunter dps guide (shadowlands)

Welcome to our beginner’s guide for casually playing a Marksmanship Hunter in World of Warcraft. This guide is intended for players who prefer a less complex play style.

Note that with a Marksmanship Hunter you should not be using a pet in order to get the lone wolf Lone Wolf buff so there are no recommended pets to use in this guide. However for solo play/questing it can still be advisable to use a pet for tanking.

Talents & Builds

  • Level 15: masters marksman Masters Marksman
    Your ranged special attack critical strikes cause the target to bleed for an additional 15% of the damage dealt over 6 sec.
  • Level 25: careful aim Careful Aim
    Aimed Shot deals 50% bonus damage to targets who are above 70% health.
  • Level 30: natural mending Natural Mending
    Focus you spend reduces the remaining cooldown on Exhilaration by 1 sec.
  • Level 35: streamline Streamline
    Rapid Fire’s damage is increased by 15%, and Rapid Fire also causes your next Aimed Shot to cast 30% faster.
  • Level 40: born to be wild Born To Be Wild
    Reduces the cooldowns of Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Turtle by 20%.
  • Level 45: lethal shots Lethal Shots
    Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot have a 30% chance to reduce the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 5.0 sec.
  • Level 50: lock and load Lock and Load
    Your ranged auto attacks have a 8% chance to trigger Lock and Load, causing your next Aimed Shot to cost no Focus and be instant.
marksmanship hunter dps talents shadowlands

Stat Priority

  1. Critical Strike
  2. Haste
  3. Mastery
  4. Versatility



Single Target Rotation

  1. aimed shot Aimed Shot
  2. rapid fire Rapid Fire
  3. arcane shot Arcane Shot
    • Use once or twice depending upon how many are active, it should be flashing on your toolbar due to precise shots Precise Shots being activated by aimed shot Aimed Shot.
  4. aimed shot Aimed Shot
  5. arcane shot Arcane Shot x1 or x2
  6. steady shot Steady Shot

AoE Rotation

  1. aimed shot Aimed Shot
  2. wild spirits Wild Spirits and trueshot Trueshot
    • If these are on cooldown just move on to the next attack in the rotation.
  3. multi shot Multi-Shot
  4. rapid fire Rapid Fire
  5. multi shot Multi-Shot
  6. aimed shot Aimed Shot

Gems & Enchants


As of right now the best option is Critical Strike gems.



Night Fae is currently the best choice for a casual player playing a Marksmanship Hunter. The class abilities are wild spirits Wild Spirits and Soulshape Soulshape.

  • wild spirits Wild Spirits – Offers burst DPS and your single target attacks will strike other mobs in the same area. Use with trueshot Trueshot.
  • Soulshape Soulshape – Provides additional mobility.


Here you can find a list of Potency Conduits in order of priority that are beneficial for both single target and AoE dps. Feel free to use whichever Endurance and Finesse conduits best suit your play style.

spirit attunement Spirit Attunement – Wild Spirits lasts 3 sec longer, and deals 10.0% increased damage.

  • Lootable from Tribute rewards of Covenant Callings (Covenant Daily Quests).
  • Occasionally a reward from World Quests.
  • Drops from World Bosses.

sharpshooter's focus Sharpshooter’s Focus – Trueshot lasts 20.0% longer.

  • Drops from the last boss in the Theater of Pain dungeon, Mordretha, the Endless Empress.

deadly chain Deadly Chain – Trick Shots secondary damage is increased by 5.0%.

  • Drops from the third boss in the Theater of Pain dungeon, Xav the Unfallen.

powerful precision Powerful Precision – Precise Shots increases the damage of your next Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot by an additional 5.0%.

  • Drops from the first boss in the Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon, Ingra Maloch.


The best overall legendary for casual Marksmanship Hunters is serpentstalker's trickery Serpentstalker’s Trickery.
Aimed Shot also fires a Serpent Sting at the primary target.

serpentstalker's trickery Memory of the Serpentstalker’s Trickery is dropped by Domina Venomblade, the third boss in the Plaguefall dungeon.

This legendary can be crafted for a ring slot or the shoulder slot, but the ring slot is preferred for casual players as the shoulder slot can be used by fully upgraded covenant armor at ilevel 197.

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