Simple Fire Mage Dps Guide (shadowlands)

Welcome to our beginner’s guide for casually playing a Fire Mage in World of Warcraft. This guide is intended for players who prefer a less complex play style.

Talents & Builds

  • Level 15: Firestarter Firestarter
    Your Fireball and Pyroblast spells always deal a critical strike when the target is above 90% health.
  • Level 25: Shimmer Shimmer
    Teleports you 20 yards forward, unless something is in the way. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting.
  • Level 30: Incanter's Flow Incanter’s Flow
    Magical energy flows through you while in combat, building up to 20% increased damage and then diminishing down to 4% increased damage, cycling every 10 sec.
  • Level 35: Flame On Flame On
    Reduces the cooldown of Fire Blast by 2 seconds and increases the maximum number of charges by 1.
  • Level 40: Frenetic Speed Frenetic Speed
    Casting Scorch increases your movement speed by 30% for 3 sec.
  • Level 45: Flame Patch Flame Patch
    Flamestrike leaves behind a patch of flames which burns enemies within it for [8 * (6% of Spell power)] Fire damage over 8 sec.
  • Level 50: Kindling Kindling
    Your Fireball, Pyroblast, Fire Blast, and Phoenix Flames critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 1.5 sec.
Simple Fire Mage Dps Talents Shadowlands

Stat Priority

  1. Intellect
  2. Mastery
  3. Haste
  4. Versatility
  5. Critical Strike



Single Target Rotation

  1. Pyroblast Pyroblast
  2. Fire BlastFire Blast
  3. Combustion Combustion
  4. Phoenix Flames Phoenix Flames
  5. Pyroblast Pyroblast
    • Rotate 2 and 4 until they are on cooldown to trigger Hot Streak Hot Streak, casting Pyroblast Pyroblast every time it’s instant
  6. Shifting Power Shifting Power

AoE Rotation

  1. Combustion Combustion
  2. Fire Blast Fire Blast
  3. Phoenix Flames Phoenix Flames
  4. Flamestrike Flamestrike
    • Rotate 3 and 4 until they are on cooldown to trigger Hot Streak Hot Streak, casting Flamestrike Flamestrike every time it’s instant
  5. Shifting Power Shifting Power
  6. Dragon's Breath Dragon’s Breath

Gems & Enchants


As of right now the best option is Haste gems.



Night Fae is currently the best choice for a casual player playing a Fire Mage. The class abilities are Shifting Power Shifting Power and Soulshape Soulshape.

  • Shifting Power Shifting Power helps provide additional DPS in both single target and AoE engagements and reduces Mage ability cooldowns.
  • Soulshape Soulshape provides additional mobility.


Here you can find a list of Potency Conduits in order of priority that are beneficial for both single target and AoE dps. Feel free to use whichever Endurance and Finesse conduits best suit your play style.

Infernal Cascade Infernal Cascade – While Combustion is active, your Fire Blast grants you 9-21.6% increased Fire damage for 5 sec, stacking up to 2 times.

  • Drops from the last boss of the Plaguefall dungeon, Margrave Stradama.
  • Drops from various Shadowlands rares (i.e. Bubbleblood & Smorgas the Feaster).
  • Lootable from Tribute rewards of Covenant Callings (Covenant Daily Quests).
  • Occasionally a reward from World Quests.

Controlled Destruction Controlled Destruction – Initial Pyroblast damage increased by 4-9.6%.

  • Drops from the first boss fight in the Theater of Pain dungeon, Dessia the Decapitator (An Affront of Challengers)

Discipline Of The Grove Discipline of the Grove – Night Fae only. Shifting Power reduces your Mage ability cooldowns by an additional 4-9.6 sec over 4 sec.

  • Drops from World Bosses.
  • Lootable from Tribute rewards of Covenant Callings (Covenant Daily Quests).

Flame Accretion Flame Accretion – Fireball grants 2.5-6% mastery when it fails to critically strike.

  • Drops from the first boss fight in the Halls of Atonement, Halkias.

Master Flame Master Flame – Flamestrike’s damage is increased by 8-19.2% and its radius is increased by 10%.

  • Drops from the third boss fight in the Sanguine Depths, Grand Proctor Beryllia.
  • Lootable from Tribute rewards of Covenant Callings (Covenant Daily Quests).


The best overall legendary for casual Fire Mages is fevered incantation Fevered Incantation.
Each consecutive critical strike you deal increases critical strike damage you deal by 3%, up to 15%.

fevered incantation Memory of a Fevered Incantation is dropped by Oranomonos the Everbranching, a world boss in Ardenweald that appears every fourth week for the entire week.

This legendary can be crafted for the head slot or waist slot, but the head slot is preferred.

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