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Mythic difficulty Remnant of Ner’zhul has received a few nerfs to help players pushing for more than just the first three bosses, lowering the HP of the Orbs of Torment by a significant 66% and additionally adjusting the Orb of Torment casts to be more consistent. Malevolence also received adjustments to be more consistent. Alongside these mythic changes is the addition of a new way to spend anima, through Ko’tul by the Great Vault you can now exchange excess anima for various resources, including Korthite Crystals.

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JULY 27, 2021


  • Druid
    • Fixed an issue where Kindred Affinity (Runecarving Power) would persist even after the Legendary was removed.
  • Monk
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Touch of Death to be unable to be used on targets at the correct health threshold.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Towering Exterminator and Konthrogz the Obliterator will now re-appear in a central part of Korthia if they manage to fall off the side of the world.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sanctum of Domination
    • Remnant of Ner’zhul
      • Adjusted the recast of Orb of Torment to ensure it is cast more consistently on Mythic difficulty.
      • Orbs of Torment have had their health reduced by 66% on Mythic difficulty.
      • Adjusted the recast of Malevolence to ensure it is cast more consistently on Mythic difficulty.
    • Kel’Thuzad
      • No longer maintains his mana between phases, and now resets to 100 mana when he exits the Phylactery Phase.
        • Developers’ note: This should alleviate issues where pushing into a new phase at various mana levels was causing bad timings.

Items and Rewards

  • Broker Ko’tul in the Great Vault room will now exchange excess Anima for caches of tradeskill goods, including Korthite Crystals.
    • Developers’ note: As players have traversed the more Anima-rich lands of Korthia, some players are finding that they no longer have new unlocks to spend it on. We do not intend to add significant new one-time Anima sinks in Chains of Domination, and want to provide an outlet for players who are content with their choice of Covenant but have purchased everything that is offered.
  • The re-purchase price of the Covenant armor set granted as quest rewards from the Shadowland campaign have been increased to reflect the greater abundance of Anima.


  • Players will now receive credit for “To the Vault” if they ride the flayedwing from Keeper’s Respite to the Vault of Secrets.

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