Shadowlands What's Next In Chains Of Domination (blizzconline)

Today’s hotfix only features a set of three fixes for Necrolord Priest issues. The first fixes Pallid Command to properly trigger on hit, instead of triggering on cast. The next two are for Shadow only, fixing an issue where two Rattling Mages would spawn unintentionally, and making cancelling Pallid Command’s aura properly despawn the Rattling Mage.

Blizzard Entertainment – (Source)

December 1, 2021


  • Priest
    • Fixed an issue where Pallid Command (Runecarving Power) would not trigger on hit and was instead triggering on cast.
    • Shadow
      • Fixed an issue where two Rattling Mages summoned from Pallid Command (Runecarving Power) could spawn unintentionally.
      • Fixed an issue where canceling the Pallid Command aura would not despawn the Rattling Mage.

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