WoW Dragonflight Reveal: Talent Trees


Today has been a big day as far as reveals go, with the entire Talent system being overhauled. Leaving the current 3-row trees, Dragonflight is bringing WoW back to something closer to classic, and yet not quite. These new talent trees feature a main tree, for your class, and another tree for your specialization. These trees include some of the things we see today in current talent rows, but along with other smaller bonuses.

Players will receive one point to spend every level, and are able to still change their talents as they do now. This update also comes with the ability to save your Talent trees for future use, so you can easily swap from Raid, to Mythic+, to PvP trees. This image in particular also reveals that some covenant abilities will be staying, as Convoke is visible in the Restoration tree.

A minor thing to note is that PvP talents appear to be staying as a side selection that you pick three from, without their own overhaul. You can check out the full reveal below!

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