Unravel the Secrets of Azeroth in Dragonflight’s Newest Event!

unravel the secrets of azeroth in dragonflight's newest event!

Starting August 31st there’s a brand new event coming to Dragonflight that should prove interesting. The theme is going to be focused on secrets, puzzles, and potentially finding out some of the deep hidden lore of Azeroth!

Not only will this be a fun jaunt there are also toys, transmogs, and even a mount that are going to be available as rewards! The last clue is said to be revealed on September 13th, but apparently this is not going to function like a limited time holiday. Instead, this will be a permanent edition to the game where you can get said rewards at any time once you’ve completed the respective content – although they sneakily mentioned there might be more secrets added over time.

There’s also going to be a bit of interaction with some as-of-yet unnamed WoW content creators. The full article is below, so read on and see a preview of some of the rewards!

Blizzard – (Source)

Rumors are everywhere you go, but behind every rumor are secrets to be found—clues even—which lead throughout Azeroth’s varied and variegated landscapes to ancient artifacts and hidden treasures.

What is Secrets of Azeroth?

Beginning on August 31, players will be tasked with putting on their thinking caps to uncover who is behind a recent string of artifact thefts through a variety of daily clues, with the last clue revealing itself on September 13. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for daily secrets and tantalizing new rumors and even play a little ‘follow the leader’ with some of your favorite community creators to discover some of the secrets Azeroth has to offer.


To those who fortune favors, go the rewards. Here are some of the items you can add to your collections:

Tricked-Out Thinking Cap on a Vulpera and Goblin talking with each other
Tricked-Out Thinking Cap (Toy)
Vulpera holding the torch while standing in a cave
Torch of Pyrreth (Toy)
Vulpera and Blood Elf holding the Titan Key Weapon as a staff
Titan Key (Weapon Transmog)
Vulpera wearing the Deerstalker Hat, riding on the Pattie the Alpaca mount wearing the Deerstalker Hat, standing next to the dog, Tobias, who is wearing the Deerstalker Hat
Deerstalker Hat (head Transmog), Pattie the Alpaca (mount), and Tobias (pet) with Deerstalker hats.


While the last clue will make its way into Azeroth on September 13, you won’t be left out if you don’t get to play along each day. Every clue and reward will remain available to be found long after the dust settles. This event isn’t planned as a regularly occurring holiday, however we’ve heard a rumor there could be more secrets in Azeroth’s future. You just never know.

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