world of warcraft warbands potential menu screen v2
  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: November 4, 2023
  • Updated: November 4, 2023
  • Expansion: World of Warcraft

Warbands, a new World of Warcraft system that connects all of a player’s characters together, was announced at BlizzCon yesterday to overwhelming positive response from players. Most serious WoW players have multiple alts, but the way you have to work against the game’s systems to successfully do so can be pretty rough at times — transferring currency, redoing reputation grinds, and so on.

Today, we got more details on how Warbands will work:

  • Account-wide Bank – No more mailing to yourself! You can craft from this account-wide bank, and there are purchaseable extra tabs, like in a guild bank. This bank will be accessible as a tab at the bottom of your regular character bank.
  • Warbound Items – Drop as personal loot that isn’t soulbound, but rather Warband-bound, allowing you to transfer them to alt characters. This was already present in game (as account bound items), and appears to mostly be a renamed system.
  • Transmog collection – Can now unlock items your current character can’t equip — if you’re running Ulduar on your Mage and the plate shoulders drop, you can unlock them for your Warband!
  • Warbands Reputation – Reputations and Renowns will now be account-wide — there are plans to retroactively apply this in older expansions, starting with Dragonflight Renowns and working backwards.
  • Flight Paths – Now shared across all Warband characters.
  • Delves – This new system will be shared across characters; Brann Bronzebeard won’t be lower level on one alt and higher level on another.
  • Achievements – Will now be shared account-wide by default, and you can progress achievements across multiple characters at the same time.

Warbands are not exclusive to one realm, server or faction. No going to the change realm screen to find your alt — everyone’s hanging out in the same place! Speaking of: while the character selection screen revealed during BlizzCon is a mock up, it sure looked great, and presumably the end product will be as-good or better. It looks like the current plan is to allow you to select a few favorite characters to display in your camp on the selection screen while the rest will still be accessible through the list on the right.

All told, the new Warbands system should significantly reduce some specific grinds, which is welcome news indeed.

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