The Earthen Allied Race in The War Within: Classes, Racial Traits, Customization, Mounts, & How to Unlock

The Earthen Allied Race in The War Within: Classes, Racial Traits, Customization, Mounts, & How to Unlock

With upcoming The War Within expansion entering Beta testing today, Blizzard has shared some previews of content from the expansion, starting with the new Allied Race, the Earthen.

This race of Titan-forged dwarves will be available for both Alliance and Horde. The process of unlocking them appears to be a lengthy one, requiring completion of The War Within storyline and level-up campaign as well as several quests for the Earthen themselves.

Customization options for the Earthen include the gems that are encrusted in their skin, several colorful skin tones, and beards for both body types.

Class options for the Earthen include:

  • Hunter
  • Monk
  • Mage
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

The racial mount for the Earthen will be a Slatestone Ramolith, a goat with very elaborate curled horns. The race’s heritage armor will also be available to unlock immediately.

Finally here’s a look at the racial traits for the Earthen Allied Race:

  • Azerite Surge: Does damage or healing in a cone on a 2-minute cooldown.
  • Hyper Productive: Increases the chance of gathering additional materials with a gathering skill.
  • Ingest Minerals: Gives the Earthen a permanent Well Fed buff, which you can choose the effect of. To balance this out, the Earthen can’t eat food normally.
  • Titan-Wrought Frame: Increases your armor from equipment by 10%.
  • Wide-Eyed Wonder: Grants 200% additional experience from exploration.
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A new playable race arrives in The War Within—the Earthen. Unlock playable Earthen characters after completing their quests and the overall level-up campaign. Enlist this titan-forged race made of living stone by aiding them in their endeavors.

Champions of Azeroth must aid the Earthen and seek a way to restore their harmony and population. They can also be unlocked as a playable race, and you can choose Alliance or Horde to begin your journey starting at level 10 in their capital city of Dornogol.

The Titan-Forged Earthen

We’ve met Titan-forged Earthen before in Ulduar and other places. Still, this society of Earthen has been isolated within Khaz Algar for a long while and has developed its own manners and customs. They are ancient denizens freshly freed from the edicts that bound them; they now venture forth with limitless curiosity to ally with the Alliance and Horde and explore the world.

As you aid them in restoring the Coreway and venture below Dornogol, tread lightly—Earthen politics are complicated, and danger lurks in the shadows.

Customizations: Adorned and Imbued

Many customizations are available for the Earthen, including different gem encrustations, unique beards for all body types, a variety of vibrant skin colors, and more.

Becoming One with the Earthen

The Earthen can also be unlocked as a playable race, and you can choose Alliance or Horde to begin your journey.

Completion of the following will make them available:

Racial Traits and Class Combinations

  • Azerite Surge: The earthen draw upon their inner strength using an empowered spell that, when released, invokes the power of Azerite in a cone in front of them, dealing Fire damage. This spell is on a 2-minute timer and gains additional effects as it is empowered:
    • I: Deals Fire damage
    • II: Heals allies hit by the effect
    • III: Deals additional fire damage to the enemy’s health, most affected by the effect.
  • Hyper Productive: Increases Finesse by 2%. Finesse increases the chance of gathering additional materials when gathering.
  • Ingest Minerals: You are always Well Fed but cannot consume food. Activate to consume a Khaz Algar gem and change the benefit granted to you by Well Fed:
    • Amber (Stamina)
    • Emerald (Haste)
    • Onyx (Mastery)
    • Ruby (Critical Strike)
    • Sapphire (Versatility)
  • Titan-Wrought Frame: Base armor from equipped items is increased by 10%.
  • Wide-Eyed Wonder: When you gain experience for exploring a location, gain 200% additional exploration experience.

Once unlocked, earthen can master the following classes:

Death Knight class icon Death Knight
demon hunter class icon Demon Hunter
druid class icon Druid
evoker class icon Evoker
hunger class icon Hunter
mage class icon Mage
monk class icon Monk
paladin class icon Paladin
priest class icon Priest
rogue class icon Rogue
shaman class icon Shaman
warlock class icon Warlock
warrior class icon Warrior


Racial Mount: Slatestone Ramolith

Unlock the earthen mount, Slatestone Ramolith, upon completing the Allied Races: Earthen achievement. This mount is usable by any race and is available account-wide.

“Earthen ranchers often talk of this creature’s resilience and how the rain ricochets off its lustrous coat.”

Heritage Armor

For reaching 50 on the Earthen Allied Race, you will receive the Heritage of the Earthen Feat of Strength and the Earthen Heritage Armor. This armor can only be transmogged by Earthen characters.

Home of the Earthen

Upon arriving in Khaz Algar and the Isle of Dorn, you’ll discover a lush and vibrant island. The capital city, Dornogol, is surprisingly verdant and seemingly carved from the land.

We look forward to sharing The War Within with you—we’ll see you in Khaz Algar!

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