Rules for the Legendary Evoker Weapon Drop in Dragonflight Clarified

rules for the legendary evoker weapon drop in dragonflight clarified

So with the race to world first being completed (Congratulations Team Liquid!) there was a special piece of loot that caused a bit of an uproar as it hadn’t previously been seen or announced. Apparently there is an Evoker-only legendary weapon that can be attained through a questline if you get your scaly hands on a Cracked Titan Gem.

This piece of loot dropped from Mythic Sarkareth and seemingly has a 100% drop-rate from the first kill for the region. From then on there’s a small chance on each difficulty for it to drop from Sarkareth, with an increasingly higher chance the higher the difficulty is set.

An interesting concept! Feel free to comment any thoughts on the matter below.

Bornakk – (Source)

Here’s a bit of info on how this works:

Once Scalecommander Sarkareth has been defeated for the first time on Mythic difficulty, the Cracked Titan Gem item that begins a Legendary weapon questline for Evokers will have a chance to drop from Scalecommander Sarkareth on all difficulties after the weekly reset in the region that he’s been defeated in. The item will be very rare on Raid Finder difficulty (when available) and slightly increases in drop rate with each difficulty.

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