No New Support Builds Planned for The War Within

dragonflight augmentation evoker support

Despite the popularity of the Augmentation Evoker, Blizzard have stated that they have no current plans to add any other support specs in World of Warcraft.

During a Q&A at BlizzCon, Morgan Day responded to a question about support specs, saying that they’ve “learned a lot” from the Augmentation Evoker but don’t plan to add any new support specs in The War Within.

He went on to say that the devs believe the spec is overtuned, and plan to dial it down. They don’t want Augvokers to be required in Mythic+ dungeons.

During the same Q&A, he responded similarly to a question about the healing mage and tanking warlock specs that will be available in Season of Discovery: they have nothing like that planned for retail at the present moment.

It seems likely that Blizzard will use Season of Discovery as a testing ground to see if these new builds will be popular and will fit well into the meta. So perhaps we’ll hear something different down the line as we get closer to The War Within’s release next fall.

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I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off since vanilla, usually as a healer or caster and often as a guild leader. I play both retail and classic. I also love RPGs, sandboxes, and sims.

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