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With the current 9.2 PTR build, a new in-game cinematic became available. This being from the PTR, means that this is a spoiler, so consider yourself warned.
This cinematic is centered around Sylvanas, and what happened to her after the end of the Sanctum of Domination raid.

Spoilers ahead:

Just like Uther, Sylvanas was slain by Arthas, the Lich King. Having been slain by a Mourneblade, her soul was then divided, which led to her being able to commit atrocities such as the burning of Teldrassil.
At the end of the Sanctum of Domination raid, the Jailer restores her soul. However, it leaves Sylvanas unable to wake up because she can’t accept the fact that she is the Banshee Queen, and that the banshee’s actions are her own.
While she is unable to wake up, she is the only person that knows of the Jailer’s plans, and her help is needed to put a stop to his machinations.

As a lot of players expected it, this seems like the beginning of her redemption arc, which will begin in patch 9.2 – Eternity’s End.

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Phynius Phartwinkle
Phynius Phartwinkle
1 year ago

Typical Alliance Hypocrisy.
Sylvanas did terrible things when broken and manipulated by the Jailer?
Off with her head!
ANDUIN stabs the Archon, steals the siguals from the others and all the ”
chopping, hacking and whacking he’s *going* to do, plus help destroy reality..
“Oh don’t worry, Anduin! We know you were manipulated by the Jailer
and couldn’t help it. Come on home, buddy. All is forgiven.”
Yesh- Like I said; Typical Alliance.

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