Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky Nerfs & Hunter Buffs in Dragonflight

neltharax, enemy of the sky nerfs & hunter buffs in dragonflight

The epic bow that drops off Raszageth is a bit of a contentious topic in Hunter circles. On the one hand, the dps increase from it is absolutely ludicrous, but on the other hand Hunters felt a bit middling without the big pump the bow would give them.

According to Blizzard the bow was never meant to augment pet damage as well, but was more meant to solely increase your bow’s auto attack damage. As such Beast Mastery, especially, was getting an absolutely massive return on the passive. Coming with patch 10.0.7 the bow will be adjusted to clearly affect only the auto shots from the hunter themselves.

To compensate Blizzard is giving Hunters in general some sizeable buffs with Beast Mastery specialization getting the lion’s share of the damage increases. Hopefully this will make the bow a bit less of a necessity while also boosting Hunters up a bit to keep them competitive. Read on below for the full changes.

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Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky is going to be changed in patch 10.0.7. The bow has a bonus effect on it that was intended to be a boost to the Hunter’s auto-shot damage when shooting a single target, and we still want to keep it that way. The special effect from the bow was not intended to also increase the melee auto-attack speed of any summoned pets. The power gain from this special Equip effect, in addition to its rarity, has made a pretty big divide between Hunters who have this bow, and Hunters who don’t. We’re changing the bow to have an equip effect that increases your auto-attack damage, rather than auto-attack speed. This auto-attack damage bonus will only affect you, the Hunter, and your own auto-shot damage – nothing from your pets will be increased from having this special bow. We recognize that the power gain of this bow was very large, and are tuning up some Hunter abilities to compensate for the changes made to the bow.

Here is the new equip effect of the bow:

Tuning changes planned for patch 10.0.7, and will likely be in your next PTR build.

All Specs:

  • Serpent Sting damage increased by 25%
  • Death Chakram damage increased by 100%

Beast Mastery Hunter:

  • Kill Command damage + 25%
  • Barbed Shot damage + 25%
  • Stomp damage + 25%
  • Cobra Shot damage + 50%

Marksmanship Hunter:

  • Arcane Shot and Chimaera Shot damage + 25%
  • Multi-Shot damage + 15%

As a reminder, numbers are still subject to change. Thank you all.

P.S. I hope you are still having nice weekends.

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