Mythic+ Scaling Past 20 Nerfed for the Rest of Season 2 in Dragonflight

mythic+ scaling past 20 nerfed for the rest of season 2 in dragonflight

With the incoming class tuning there’s going to be a large reduction in damage from specs that were really pumping in M+. Fire Mage’s AoE is receiving large nerfs, for example, which may impact those pushing keys to the very limits. While these changes are likely necessary, Blizzard has received feedback that it may make some of the highest key levels attained no longer possible and agrees that this wouldn’t be fair.

To compensate for the nerfs going out they’ve made it so that for the rest of Season 2 all keys past 20 will now make mob health and damage scale by 8% per level instead of 10% as it is right now.

The way this is worded I doubt this will be something continuing in subsequent seasons, and should also open the path to some less meta specs getting some higher potential from their keys. For the original comment by Kaivax, read on below!

Kaivax – (Source)

We plan to implement the following adjustment to Mythic+ dungeons with scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, August 22.

M+ Dungeons

  • Above keystone level 20, each additional keystone level will now increase enemy health and damage by 8% (was 10%).

We’ve recently made and are currently making a number of adjustments to specs that were particularly powerful in Mythic+, and while we feel these changes will have the desired effect, we’ve also heard concerns that it may now be much more difficult to complete very high keys and achieve ratings that were previously within reach. We think this is a fair concern, so we’re making a temporary adjustment to the scaling of key levels above 20 in the hope that it provides players some space to continue competing for Mythic+ rating before the end of Season 2.

This change will remain in effect until Dragonflight Season 3 begins.

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