Legion Patch 7.0 Announced

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Finally, the news that all World of Warcraft fans have been waiting for, an announcement on Legion patch 7.0, otherwise known as the pre-patch. Ok, so no specific dates have been given yet but seeing how Battle Net has started to download it automatically, we all know it now can’t be far off. Of course, technically the official post by Blizzard stating this exact same thing kinda gave clues as well. So, what do we have to look forward to in the World of Warcraft Legion 7.0?

Transmogrification / Wardrobe

One of the biggest changes in Legion is available in 7.0, the new wardrobe system. Now every item you’ve ever picked up, will be available to choose from the transmogrification wardrobe interface. Now, you can give your Warcraft character that perfect look without having to keep or carry around items to use for ‘transmog’. So, even if you’re not a serious transmogrifier, you can still look forward to a few more slots of bag space.

Class Changes

With Legion most of the classes get a bit of an overhaul, with new mechanics and in some cases whole new play styles. Well, in patch 7.0 you get to experience all these changes before Legion hits. It’s a sensible thing, after all you don’t want to be bumbling around trying to defeat the hordes of Legion when and learn your character at the same time. I for one will be getting to grips with the new melee Survival Hunter, in the last week or so before Legions released. If you’re not sure what class changes will affect you, can get a full list from here.

The last piece of good news is that if you pre-ordered Legion, than you will be getting your hands on the new Demon Hunter for real, no later than the 17th August. Blizzard have stamped that date, but fingers crossed it could be earlier. But even if you haven’t pre-ordered the expansion there will still be a massive attack by legion on all of Azeroth to keep you busy in those last few weeks before the game’s released.

So, if you are a World of Warcraft fan, Legion Patch 7.0 is bringing with it some pretty cool things. Keep coming back for more World of Warcraft Legion goodies.

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