Dragonriding Expanding to Old World & Mounts Available Increasing in Dragonflight’s Future

dragonriding expanding to old world & mounts available increasing in dragonflight's future

There’s been speculation since the first reveal of dragonriding as a mechanic that it would eventually make its way to zones outside of the Dragon Isles. This was especially the case with the launch of the latest expansion and the absolutely glowing reviews for the system of dragonriding as a means of travel.

This is now officially confirmed by Blizzard as data-miners have sussed out some information about potential races and events involving dragonriding in places like Kalimdor and Outlands. Not only will the feature become available in old-world zones, but the repertoire of mounts available while using this system will increase as well. Rumors say your stable of zoomy lizards may increase by triple digits!

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Greyton – (Source)

Good day dragonriders,

As data-miners have guessed, we are indeed working on dragonriding outside of the Dragon Isles and broadening the set of mounts that can dragonride. Our initial work on this can be seen in the Fractures in Time game files, but that feature will not be complete or featured in the live game until later in Dragonflight.

As we continue to develop the game in this way, we expect there to be many examples in the future of content that is a work-in-progress becoming visible to data-miners in test environments. We intend to announce the contents of any given patch in our official posts about that patch.

For the latest details on what’s included in Fracture in Time, please check out our official development notes.

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