Dragonriding Coming to Kalimdor on the Dragonflight PTR

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Blizzard has announced that they will be testing a special dragonriding event later this week on the PTR. The Kalimdor Cup will bring dragonriding to the continent of Kalimdor for a limited time. The event will include 16 new races, each with a normal, advanced, and reverse variation. There will also be a quest and badges that can be turned in for rewards.

Despite the new races, it does not look like dragonriding mounts will be coming to other zones anytime soon. Blizzard has specified that you’ll continue to ride your standard mounts between races in Kalimdor.

Greyton – (Source)

Hello Dragonriders!
Later this week we’ll be testing the Kalimdor Cup. Head to the Holiday Enthusiast outside Valdrakken’s bank to pick up the initial quest.

The Kalimdor Cup is a limited time event where dragonriding races will be available in Kalimdor. You’ll ride a special mount exclusively during these races. As the Riders of Azeroth are still learning about dragonriding, you’ll use standard flight between races. You’ll be able to test out the initial quest, try out all 16 races across Kalimdor in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations, and turn in Riders of Azeroth Badges to Maztha for rewards.

Please share general feedback as you make your way through this limited time dragonriding event. Thank you in advance for your testing and your feedback!

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