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The next zone we’re getting a preview for is Ohn’ahran Plains. Described as a viridescent grassland, the Ohn’ahran Plains were once home to the green dragonflight, and you will find both mellow hills and more mountainous regions, as well as the Emerald Gardens: an area filled with natural wonder drawn from the Emerald Dream. Last but not least, other than the different wildlife populating the Ohn’ahran Plains, you will also be able to find different clans of centaurs and assist them if you wish to gain their trust.

For more information on this new zone, make to check out the preview below!

Blizzard Entertainment – (Source)

Explore the Ohn’ahran Plains, a verdant region filled with sweeping plateaus, mesas, groves, and valleys abundant with life.

Named after the Wild God of the Wind, Ohn’ahra, the Ohn’ahran Plains are a viridescent grassland that rise gently upward from the Waking Shores, with mellow hills and steppes worn smooth by wind and river. This region boasts prominent and dramatic elevations that become more mountainous, and geysers are alive with erupting columns of boiling steam.

Once home to the green dragonflight, nature thrives in the Ohn’ahran Plains. Magnificent, lush greenery abounds, and calm waters flow through the Emerald Gardens, an area alive with natural wonder drawn from the magic of the Emerald Dream.

The endlessly open plains are abundant with life, and the landscape is dotted with singing stones.


Vast plateaus and mesas are home to the growing clans of centaurs, each a unique culture unto itself and masters of different specialties. The centaur clans are deeply connected to the land, maintaining their traditions, and those seeking to assist can earn their trust.

This region is teeming with life. High grasses surround watering holes that draw in large wildlife that provide ample prey for the hungry proto-dragons soaring through the skies. Here are some of the creatures you’ll happen upon in your travels.

Blue Hornstrider
Blue Hornstrider

The Ohn’ahran Plains are waiting for you to continue your adventure in Dragonflight. We look forward to sharing more details as development continues.

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See you in the Dragon Isles!

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