dragonflight hotfixes may 31st incorporeal affix tuning

The new affixes are definitely an interesting direction to take the game. The focus on utility, cleansing debuffs, or purging buffs instead of just more damage for healers to deal with is being received well by the community for the most part. That being said, because this is a new direction there’s going to be some moments where Blizzard needs to make a pitstop and check if the tires need air!

Incorporeal is getting some changes to allow DK’s and Warriors to contribute to the affix more, and potentially opens up some other paths to handling the spawns so no one class/spec is entirely useless for the week they’re active.

Check out the details below!

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MAY 31, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Affixes
      • Incorporeal
        • Incorporeal’s immunity effect can now be removed by effects that dispel immunities.
        • Incorporeal Beings are now susceptible to Charm effects.
        • The effectiveness of Incorporeal Being’s Destabilize is reduced if cast while charmed.
          • Developers’ notes: These changes aim to give Warriors and Death Knights more powerful options to counter the Incorporeal affix.

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