Blizzard Is Changing How the Advanced Combat Log Functions in Dragonflight for Season 3

blizzard is changing how the advanced combat log functions in dragonflight for season 3

There’s been a lot of controversy lately about the capabilities of overlays, weakauras, and general design philosophy of whether some facets of these are healthy for the game. While some overlays are rather innocuous and might simply give an alternative DPS meter, others are edging the line enough to make Blizzard take action.

There have been certain overlays shown off that literally map out players positions in a raid, mechanics to avoid, and more. This has provoked Blizzard to change the advanced combat log to limit information that would allow these things to function.

Personally, I agree with reigning in these third party assistance tools as they go against the spirit of challenge and competition WoW offers. That said, fights like Echo of Neltharion on Mythic are so mechanically complex and disjointed that they essentially require a significant level of intervention from third party tools. The remedy should be to not only limit the power of these tools, but to also design encounters so that these tools are not a strict requirement.

If you’re interested in what Kaivax has to say on the matter, scroll down and check out his original post.

Kaivax – (Source)

We intend to make changes to how the Advanced Combat Log is populated, in advance of Dragonflight Season 3, that will prevent its use in this way.

Please see section 1-C of the Blizzard End User License Agreement 96 for more details on our policies about third-party applications that modify or facilitate gameplay.

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