This week’s PTR update list contains many miscellaneous changes, ranging from flavor like customization and emoting, to profession updates and a Covenant Sanctum Anima Conductor buff.

Nightborne will be gaining an additional customization option in the form of an arcane glow on their hands, with the current PTR build only having the change for female Nightborne, males getting theirs in the near future.

Many profession drops are getting buffed, Elethium Ore, Lightless Silk, Callous Hide, and Heavy Callous Hide getting a 20% increase to their droprate. Jewelcrafting Essences are also gaining a 10% drop rate.

Anima Conductors can now channel to all unlocked locations on any given day, rather than just one.

In addition to the previous weeks’ changes to Pet Battles, Ultimate Battle-Training Stones are now 35 Charms instead of 60.

Timewalking Raid bosses will now provide credit to the weekly Timewalking Quests, meaning dungeons won’t be the only method to completing them.

The most controversial change in this week’s update, however, is the decision to rework and remove or add certain emotes to the game. Seemingly an effort to combat toxicity, Blizzard has outright removed the kick, stink, shake, and moan emotes, while adding huzzah, magnificent, impressed, and wince. They have also changed several emotes (drool, cough, burp, fart, whistle, spit, and moon) to no longer change their text depending on targeting a player or not.

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Here are this week’s PTR notes:

Allied Races

  • Nightborne can now customize their hands with a glow effect.
    • Developers’ note: The glow effect is in progress and only available on female Nightborne this week. The new customization option will be available on male Nightborne on a later PTR build.
    • Developers’ note: The PTR character copy may result in characters looking different while we work to hook up the new customizations.


  • Anima Conductor
    • Anima can now be channeled to all unlocked locations each day (was one each day).

Dungeons and Raids

  • Timewalking
    • Defeating Timewalking raid bosses will now also provide credit towards the Timewalking weekly quests, “A Burning Path Through Time,” “A Frozen Path Through Time,” and “A Shattered Path Through Time.”

Pet Battles

  • Ultimate Battle-Training Stones now cost 35 Polished Pet Charms (was 60).

Player versus Player

  • Mage
    • Triune Ward (Runecarving Power) now provides 35% barrier effectiveness in PvP combat (was 50%).


  • Mining ore drop rates across all zones, including Elethium Ore, increased by 20%.
  • Callous Hide and Heavy Callous Hide drop rate increased by 20%.
  • Jewelcrafting Essence drop rate increased by 10%.
  • Lightless Silk drop rate has been increased by 20%.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • The “PvP talent is available” helptip will now only appear in War Mode and PvP instances.
  • Several emotes have been adjusted:
    • Drool, cough, burp, fart, whistle, spit, and moon no longer change when used while targeting a player.
    • Pounce and groan have been adjusted when used while targeting a player.
    • 4 new emotes have been added – Huzzah, magnificent, impressed, and wince.
    • Kick, stink, shake, and moan have been removed.
      • Developers’ note: Some of these emotes seem to have harmless intentions at a glance, but when used while targeting another player, their intentions can turn unexpectedly suggestive or intrusive. We’ve made adjustments to these emotes with negative connotations towards another player, while also adding a few new ones.

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